Monday, July 30, 2007

Video of the day

Thanks to Alvin for introducing such a hilarous comedian.
I've enjoyed every single one of them and I was laughing so hard while watching them.
if you don't like comedian doing stand up comedy, then you probably won't like this post (go to next post).
Let me introduce
This is the Hilarous

1. Asians

2. Outsourced Terrorists

3. English Accent

4. Closing Act -God's Practical Joke


Innocent^^Guy said...

Wat the hell? You don't know about russell peters? -.-"
You should get a life bro....

Myst3 said...

Working life is no life.
i was calculating how much free time i have per day for myself. ONLY FRIGGING 5 HRS MAN!!!!

1AM - 8AM = Sleep
8AM - 6PM = Work
6PM - 12PM = ME time (factor all those transport time + shower + meal + washing dishes...I only have 5 hours)

and these 5 hrs are spent on computers and household errands. No time for TV anymore. Some time if i spend 3 hrs with friends, i will only have 2 hrs left with me time. sigh~ working life is no life. ever since i started, i hardly find any time to sit down and watch tv. so if u can't find a job, it's not necessarily a bad thing at all. Think carefully with what you are dealing with back in Malaysia, if you work till 8-9PM, think of how much me time you have!!! SIGH~~~WORKING LIFE SUX!

aclj87 said...

*sigh* I thought I was the one who mentioned Russell Peters first :D