Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dinner @ Indochina

It's Dinner Time!
Went to Indochina, it's an authentic Thai restaurant. Weird Name! It's sounds like Indonesian Chinese Food, but then it is a Thai Restaurant. What?
Stir Fry Thai Chicken Breast with Vegetables

Stir fry Vegetables with scallops

Thai Red Curry Beef

Entree - Garlic deep fried Calamari Rings

Roast Boneless Duck

They are all range from $A17 - $A22 per dish, entree was $A7.90

At Indochina-Authentic Thai

1. The Garlic Calamari Rings were super crunchy, the best!
2. The others dishes were so..so..! More like a Chinese Cuisine rather than Thai!
3. You will like them if you're Ang Mor! They tailored the spiciness to suit westerner. Can't really taste Thai in these dishes. Felt like been cheated!
4. Not authentic at all!
5. Among all, the entree was the best and only food worth eating!


Alec said...

Rich people really rich people wor....

Myst3 said...

i no rich...i just asked others 2 pay

Michael Song said...

u always make people hungry... damnit...

Kepo said...

Next time when I m there, take me there for rich ppl food.. i m hungry!

HaMz said...

mmm.. food...