Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dodo's Story (Continue 1)

This is a continue seqment of dodo's story.
You can read the previous seqment here
Author: Dodo (Doreen)


Ahhh...She’d never before been this close to him. So close that she could actually feel the heat of his body. Uh lala ~ Smell that faint scent of soap on his skin. She stared longingly.

Whispered to herself... “Damn! Wat am I thinking?!”

“Damn?? Haha...Now there’s a word I haven’t heard in a while.” He repeated.

“Hang around me, dude. And you’re bound to hear lotsa words noone else uses. Hehe ..” (Hey guys, am I right? I do speak such words that noone else uses huh?? Hehe )

One corner of his mouth drew back in amusement. “Is that an invitation??”

For the 1st time in forever, Dodo actually felt heat creep up her cheeks. Nervous, hot and worried, she couldn’t think of anything else to say. Jeez man … this is so damn paiseh.

(Cmon, Dodo, where r ur clever retorts? Probably hiding in the same place where my common sense lives most of the time.)

She tried to think of something to say. But for her life, nothing came to mind. Nothing. Nothing except images of how good *Tut* would look with that sleek hair wet and his lean hips wrapped in a damp, clinging towel.

“I guess I should be goin lar.” She said, edging away from him. Coward!!!!

“U’re here alone ar?” he asked before she could make good escape.
“How far’s ur car?”
“It’s at my place down the street. I’ll walk over.”

He gave her that doubtful look that everyone she knew gave her sooner or later – as if he couldn’t believe what she’d juz said. He offered to walk her to her car but still she convinced him that she would walk there on her own. She pointed out the club’s window to the sidewalk fairly packed with people. No place was busier than here on night like this. She couldn’t be alone on the street if she wanted to. He glanced at a guy a few feet away who was signaling toward the guitar. *Tut* nodded, then looked back at her.

“Maybe so. Still. Tell u wat. I’ve one more song to play and then I’m done for the night. How about u wait here n when I’m done, I’ll walk u home? Okay??” Giving Dodo that innocent look somemore heh ..

Oh my my …like she was going to say no? omg omg omg!!!

As *Tut* worked his way thru a few tunes, Dodo couldn’t take her eyes off of his slender, muscular hands. They flew over the strings as if he and the guitar were one. She’d never been one to think of a guitarist as hot- in mind they were all Richie Kotzen types.

“U know, I love the night,” *Tut* said, finally breaking the silence.
“In a vampire kinda way ar?” Dodo immediately wished she’d given a thought before she’d spoken. How could she let that silly vampire idea she’d had of him earlier that day juz fall outta her mouth like that? Yikes!! Stupiak!!! But still he laughed at her.

Even though he seemed amused, she felt “stu” still.
“I do know wat u mean, thou. Even as a kid I used to see how late I could stay up.”
“We had this huge…..” she demonstrated with her hands to show how huge and ended up PIAK!!! whacking *Tut* in the hard pecs again with her hand. He didn’t seem to notice. If she didn’t knock it off he was goin to think that she had some freaky thing for his chest, which of coz she did but but but …. She balled her fist up and dropped her arms to her sides. Aiks beh paiseh neh.

They continued the conversation and blah blah blah …. N they actually had a good laugh.

Dodo bit her lip as they paused in front of the steps leading to the front of her “Green Beetle”.

“Thanks for walking me.”
And and and ….u know wat’s kinda sweet that ..*Tut* eventually leaned forward and whispered in her ear “My pleasure.” Awwwwwww …that’s sweet, ain’t it??
His warm breath tickled her neck and the scent of him made her stomach jump. He smelled good enough to eat. Yummy!! =9 hehe ..

“I guess I’d better get goin.” He said. N n n …. The continuous part …erm..we shall c it later yah.. hehe …

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