Wednesday, August 20, 2008

KL Trip

I went to Kuala Lumpur too!!!
So kesian for people who needs to take public transport to work in KL, even for those who has cars or taxi rides to work, the journey from one place to the other were just SO long. Aren’t time precious enough!!??
Quite enjoy the bus/LRT ride!!

So what was my highlight of the trip?
Nar…not Pavilion or those yappie’s place (e.g. One U…etc). However, they've got gigantic lion head which I LIKE!

I actually quite like the shopping experience in Sungei Wang and especially Petaling Street. Maybe it’s just me, I’m not “high class” enough for those Richie wannabe places (*idiot for those who owns a RM5k bag but had to que up at the petrol station the night before the huge petrol hike) . Anyway, I just think LV, Prada or those westernizes brand do not define what Malaysia is. Malaysia is more about bargaining or fiercely competitive “copies” of the real thing like pirated DVD, Softwares or “LV” key chains.
I am not afraid to admit that I did buy a couple of the fake key chains for my aussie friends as souvenirs. Yet those dumb asses ang moh think they are real. *IDIOTS
I just feels like home when I were in Sungei Wang or Petaling Street.
Oh Oh!! Not forgeting the FOOD!

The FOOD were all great at KOPITIAM and Hawker Stall - I had the best food binge in Kopitiam and Hawker Stall in Petaling Street.




Worst food still got to be those high end overpriced restaurant who serves sub-standard steaks in Malaysia.


Quote of the day:
Me: “eh, ahbang, you got Matrix DVD kah!?”
DVD guy:




"MATRIX is long out of the Pirated Market!!”

My toy

I went to Kuching to celebrate my grandmother’s (Mum’s side) Birthday during my stay in Malaysia. I ended up buying something from Kuching, which my mom was really unimpressed.
So what did I buy!!????
A 1966-1972 Austin Cambridge
(Correct me if I am wrong)

It’s not moveable at the moment, because the engine doesn’t work. Just need some engine works, and some elbow greasing restoration, then I will get this collectable up and running again.

I understand why there are spider webs all round, but why the plastic bags???

The thing is I am now in Australia, and it’s sitting there in the garage collecting dust at the moment. That’s probably why my mum is upset about. Hmm…..

This car actually looks like taxis in england!!

Departure Dinner

Just before I came back to Australia for work, I’ve organized a departure dinner with some of the friends in Golden Happiness Restaurant (Sibu). These were what we had that night

I like shark fin soup, so full of MSG!! delicious thou!
Fish was delicious too

Sea cucumber - yummayyy

Cheesy Prawns

We had a total of ten dishes, some of the food were not photographed due to HUNGER!!!
Lastly, the bill came out to be
RM 1,242.99