Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Its a lie to think You dont have anything

This video has been circulating facebook for a while now.

I watched it several times


i watched it again tonight.

i’ve decided to put it here for anyone to view.

if a guy with no arms and legs be that happy,

who are we to complaint about life?

those who has complaint – shame on you.

and i admit im one of them shameful ones.

appreciate everything that is in front of us.

when shit happens. it happens for a reason.

it is the shit experience that makes u as a person stronger.

we should always learn how to cope with a difficult situation.

i used to complaint about life quite often a few years back

and yes i still complaint about things.

but one thing for sure, i have learn how to appreciate little things in life and complaint lesser during these few years

hope u all enjoy the video.

i’ve put the video here for a reminder for myself too.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Such is life

u gain some u lose some.

wish me luck.

i need it.

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most?

Saying something and wishing you had not


Saying nothing, and wishing you had?



Im Myst3

and remember me!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Update Finally Version 2

Its been a while since i last updated.  In fact it’s been just over a month.


What have i been doing?

hmmm. let me see.

busy working, busy sleeping, busy eating, busy shitting and i guess busy drinking too.

But seriously what have i been doing? 

i guess the reason why i didn’t up date is because of

1.  Procrastinating


2.  Laziness.

oh well. at least i upfront and admit it now


here’s the finish product of the door.

 My finished door 

So proud the door is closeable, yeah it may look a bit crooked on the side, but im feeling quite proud of myself.

in addition…

i seem to have lots of expired food.

i was in the office and found some tea which i have left quite some time ago.

wheee…green tea!!


further look at the best before dateIMG_0528



some days ago, i went to china town in search for some tea.

was in the tea section and found this..




What!!!…can shoot lots when drink is it!!?

oh oh…

to finish up..

a question for all of you to answer

You know when you eat chocolate, it will melt on finger and sometimes hands?


let me ask u a question

After eating chocolate, some melting chocolate are left on you finger.  You lick your hand all clean.




you feel a sudden urge to go to toilet to pooh, stomachache.

when you finish

you go ahead and use toilet paper.

and suddenly,



u see ur hands with some brownish color stain.



would you

a.  Smell it and see if it’s chocolate?

b.  Lick it and see if its chocolate?


C.  Wipe it with toilet paper??



let me know ok.

NITEZ ALL.chocolate