Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sony MP3 VS Apple Ipod

Have you ever had orgasm in the ears?

Well I did, I even had a HUGE ONE too

This is how I had the best ear orgasm ever.

I was quite emo and depressed last couple of week, and thought of doing something to cheer myself up.

I went out and bought this!

This is the best mp3 ever invented. For some of you, you might remember I had an 120gb aaple ipod. Well Apple ipod SUCKS. I didn’t even listen to my ipod for more than 10 times. The thing with Ipod is that the sound quality is so shitty. At the beginning I thought I might have bought a defective ipod, but that thought was ruled out as I borrowed my friend’s ipod to test it out as well.

The sound quality of ipod is just so “empty” and “tin-ty” that I couldn’t bear myself with it anymore (and trust me, I did try). I even plug a really expensive earphones on, but still the problem lies on the ipod itself. Ipod doesn’t allow user to set custom equalizer, other than standard preset equalizer. Even with a custom equalizer, Ipod still can't produce as perfect sound as the Sony.

I would rate IPOD music quality as an 4

Sony as a full 10.

This machine here is an 8Gb flash drive that comes with specially designed ear phones. Yes, it might be a tad bit expensive, but the sound quality is just worth every cent paid.

This mp3 allows user to set its own equalizer and the sound is just remarkable. Deep Bass, Rich tremble, quality mid tone, you can just hear every single detail of a music crystal clear.

The specially designed earphones has two music output on each earphones. The in earphones produce quality bass and mid tone, while the bigger earphones produce tremble.

Due to its two output on each side of the earphones, it gives you a sense of 3d surround sound (and I kid you not). This machine is designed for serious music lover.

Pros and Cons of this machine are as follow:-


Quality quality music sound – I have never listened to something so remarkably superb music in my life, but I did it….with this machine. The sound is just incredible compared to ipod. I used to hate mandarin songs and r and b, but I’m starting to enjoy these songs. This machine even changed my music taste, how good is that?!!!!!

No software needed, just drag and drop music/files/photos/movies

Ipod has much better graphic interface than sony. Sony has boring GUI. Apple is better looking than Sony too in terms of its design.

Earphone are specially designed to produce quality sound, thus special jack on the machine. Standard earphones are unable to fit into the jack, and earphones are unable to be used on other machine like ipod. Once earphones are broke, it will cost a bomb to replace (about $A100-$A150)

So there you have it.
Kids out there preparing to buy an ipod?

If you want a band playing in between your head? If you want the space sensation of music and yourself?

TRUST ME, you guys really have to listen to Sony before buying a STUPID IPOD

IPOD looks good, but sound so so bad. I don’t even understand how people listen to ipod.


fOr inventing such a outstanding mp3 player.

IPOD, I'm sorry, YOU'RE JUST SUCK......!!!!


Facebook Photos anyone?

I think people ought to check photos before posting facebook!!!

don't you think so!?

Do you see what i see!?


Monday, March 23, 2009

The Transformation - THE TOY

Remember this car from this POST ????

After much work and monies put into it, it has transformed!!!




Beautiful Classic huh!!!!?

Work done include:-

Engine rebuilt

Electronic rewiring

New coat of paint

New tyres

New aircondt (designed for truck/van)

Because it is an old classic, driving the car is extremely difficult. It has double clutches system and gear shifting are done on the side of the steering wheel.

On the third day of Chinese New Year, I took the car for a drive, and what happened?

Yeah!! You've guessed it!

It broke down 20 minutes after departure.


So Noc, you are pretty lucky you weren't in this car!!

Still wanna have a ride??

Damn the car is heavy, heavier than moderns.

How do i know? Because I'm one of 3 persons who push start the car!!!

Pure Steel I say!

Try to sway away from putting a Japanese engine in it, although more reliable but it has taken its original soul away from the car. Hmm....decision.

Took this picture while driving behind it.
Looks quite funny!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Life = Party Hard + Study Hard

Was tidying the room the other day, found my past academic folder.

Might as well show it off a bit.

Here’s the bits.

Nothing but distinctions and high distinctions

Those Ds and HDs landed me in Dean Merit’s List 4 conservative years
and been awarded in Chancellor’s Letter of Commendations.

And at the same time, I was awarded a life time membership for Golden Key International Honour Soc

(they send you lots of emails regarding quiz night and such... pfft~~!)

And of course I’ve graduated with honours.

Try beat that.

note: it's hard to convince people im one of the top 3 in the class

Life = Party Hard + Study Hard.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Best T-shirt 2009

Last week i brought to you the best tattoo.


SCROLL DOWN to find out