Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My toy

I went to Kuching to celebrate my grandmother’s (Mum’s side) Birthday during my stay in Malaysia. I ended up buying something from Kuching, which my mom was really unimpressed.
So what did I buy!!????
A 1966-1972 Austin Cambridge
(Correct me if I am wrong)

It’s not moveable at the moment, because the engine doesn’t work. Just need some engine works, and some elbow greasing restoration, then I will get this collectable up and running again.

I understand why there are spider webs all round, but why the plastic bags???

The thing is I am now in Australia, and it’s sitting there in the garage collecting dust at the moment. That’s probably why my mum is upset about. Hmm…..

This car actually looks like taxis in england!!


Anonymous said...

siao lang!!

cc said...

That's a beauty! It will dazzle when it's fully restored! :)

kucing robot jantan said...

how much u got it for?

cooknengr said...

Good investment, heard about the Bugatti in the UK?

cooknengr said...

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