Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Man's Hobby

At some stage in life, we human might feel that time is passing too quickly. I guess I have reach to a stage that yeah!
Time does flies, and I’m getting older!
For some weird reason, I find myself developing this interest of gardening. And I asked myself am I really getting older or what? Why do I have “old man/lady” hobbies?
I believe in “herbal” therapy more than anything. It does make us smile, and it does make us see twinkles.
It’s good to have a baby “fern”

2. Don’t RAID my home.
3. Don’t ask me what plant is it
4. NO. this plant is not for sell, but only for personal visual “relaxation”
5. and finally NO, I don't own this plant.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Victoria Secret's Angel

This is the angel of Vic Secret's AngelThis is my version of angel if I had a lingerie line

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bamboo Myst3 Style

Take some disposable chopsticks
Cut them into smaller pieces
And they become the raw material for preserved bamboo shoots
Immerse them in wine for several days
Add in flavoring
Add in soda bicarbonate
Add in some sugar
Add in soya sauce
Keep boiling them for 20 minutes
Once ready or soft, store them in an empty jars for some period of time (2 days)
It is ready to be served, when bamboo shoots absorbs all gravy in the jar
It looks exactly like a real bamboo shoots from can.
Stir fry preserved bamboo shoots
with chicken and vegetables

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Song Revisit

As some of you might remember this video about my mobile phone.
I’ve also used bowling for soup – “if you come back to me” on the 2nd part of my video.

The other night, I youtube’d the song in, hoping to watch the music video of this song.
However I found this! The video is creatively made! I like the song, and the video created!

I didn't manage to find the actual music video thou... :)

Bakkwa the visit

Bakkwa, or rougan (Dried Pork) is a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product similar to jerky, made in the form of flat thin sheets. They are popular especially during the chinese new year.
While in Malaysia, I had a “special“ privilege to visit the "factory" of a famous Bakkwa.
Was surprise to see only two full timer bbq’er needed to produce state wide demands of bakkwa especially during CNY.
Tons of tons of BAKKWA.
Have to admit, the standard of hygienic are not really up to scratch, but the visit didn’t prevent me from stop eating bakkwa. Gotta block out the company name
(Don't sue me ah)Oh yeah, I love beer to go with some bakkwa and a couple of friends.
That’s life.
Note: Trust me! if you're a srwkian, ur eating this particular brand of rougan! it's that famous!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody!!

Don’t let the Evil Bunny into your house!

Bumble Bee: "Happy Bunny Love!"

Expressing My Love

Whatever nick u are using, u know this is for you.

1.I did not even TRY to FFK u, as I NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO, we didn’t even able to be one place at a time, how the hell can we meet.. I’ve asked u to call when u’re in sibu, u never did

2.I don’t understand why you, for all in the sudden fucked me few weeks back, saying that I only meet with high class people and all that shit, yes I did ask noc about it, and all I asked was “why she fucked me all of the sudden??”.

3. I met noc once, and that was it, I NEVER HAD THE INTENTION to gang up with him and go against u, as I know it’s between u and him. Respect youse to not interfere.

4. FUCK U ALL PEOPLE – as the usual me, I talked bullshit, I never had the chance to type the 2nd line, which was “because I LOVE YOU ALL”.

5. Whatever munak said, I don’t know, whatever perasan or assumption, u were wrong, truth is, I dun know what munak said, and I don’t give a shit about it, as said b4, it’s between U AND HIM.

6. Kenny’s 1st Rule: Warning before banning! With the power u have, u've misused it, and got “personal” with it. Oh my FUCK U ALL PEOPLE got u offended while haroldz’s “FUCK ME FUCK ME”don’t. I wonder what I have done to deserve this. It’s only a fun a joking place, but u made it too personal.

7. yes I will hold responsible for “because of the feud between u and noc, he no longer here”, I was tauting you to give whatever you want to respond, but you never did. can't take a joke!!?

Hope to clear the air.

it's getting too misty and cloudy!

I've treated you with respect and much love until u banned me!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Northern Lights - Adelaide

Last few days I went to the “Northern Lights” show in city. Northern Lights was part of the Fringe festival in Adelaide, where city’s historical buildings were painted with lights and coloured with life. Internationally acclaimed artist used the buildings as a canvas and let their imaginations run wild. Coloured shades were projected onto buildings to transform the buildings’ fa├žade giving the audience a spectacular visual show.
Northern lights were made possible with the help of digital software and giant, French-made PIGI system projectors, each weighing more than 200kg.
The best thing about it is, it’s FREE!

Same Building different lights

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ken Lee by Bulgarian Mariah Caley

This is way~~ too funny.
I just have to put it here.
I don't want to spoil it for you.
English subtitle to help your understanding.
Bear in mind, she's "trying" to sing in English.


KEN LEE - "Can't Live"


Tulibu dibu douchoo - "if living is without you"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sibu Malaysia 2008 Home Trip

I was going to blog about my Malaysia’s Trip, but figure those photos are pretty much self explanatory, I can’t really write much about it, so I have put most of them in this video.
Please enjoy.



A Journey Thru FAILURES

Have you ever failed before?
If yes, these pictures will definitely make you feel better.
A list of failure pictures.
Ready to embark a journey of FAILURES?