Monday, March 17, 2008

Sibu Malaysia 2008 Home Trip

I was going to blog about my Malaysia’s Trip, but figure those photos are pretty much self explanatory, I can’t really write much about it, so I have put most of them in this video.
Please enjoy.




clement said...

sibu will be proud to have you... but, will you go back there anymore?

Myst3 said...

Are you stalking me or something? How come you’re always the first to know I have updated ah?? I’m scared you know..hehe! go home to sibu? Yes, I’m planning for it. Mainly for family. Hey you got any “kan tao” for me in sibu? I heard lee lon went to jail, I guess it’s time for us to step up to “lee lon” business. Wanna partner?

blindtape said...

That boy who do the spinning at first and then appeared near the fridge, your younger brother or your son? Look like the mini version of you leh.

Looks like someone really homesick hor. /Pats

Send you dry kampua, wan?

Myst3 said...

yeah that's my son...but shhh...don't tell anyone, i still looking for his mum. planning a surprise present for his mum, oh yeah i've snatched the kid frm hospital after he was borned. shh..ok..secret btwn you and me

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How much fireworks did you get?! And 7 hours of flight is nothing (wait til you have to fly 25 hours to get home...)

Twinkle said...

Alaaaa myst3... hehehe I go Sibu every month la heheheh