Thursday, March 20, 2008

Expressing My Love

Whatever nick u are using, u know this is for you.

1.I did not even TRY to FFK u, as I NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO, we didn’t even able to be one place at a time, how the hell can we meet.. I’ve asked u to call when u’re in sibu, u never did

2.I don’t understand why you, for all in the sudden fucked me few weeks back, saying that I only meet with high class people and all that shit, yes I did ask noc about it, and all I asked was “why she fucked me all of the sudden??”.

3. I met noc once, and that was it, I NEVER HAD THE INTENTION to gang up with him and go against u, as I know it’s between u and him. Respect youse to not interfere.

4. FUCK U ALL PEOPLE – as the usual me, I talked bullshit, I never had the chance to type the 2nd line, which was “because I LOVE YOU ALL”.

5. Whatever munak said, I don’t know, whatever perasan or assumption, u were wrong, truth is, I dun know what munak said, and I don’t give a shit about it, as said b4, it’s between U AND HIM.

6. Kenny’s 1st Rule: Warning before banning! With the power u have, u've misused it, and got “personal” with it. Oh my FUCK U ALL PEOPLE got u offended while haroldz’s “FUCK ME FUCK ME”don’t. I wonder what I have done to deserve this. It’s only a fun a joking place, but u made it too personal.

7. yes I will hold responsible for “because of the feud between u and noc, he no longer here”, I was tauting you to give whatever you want to respond, but you never did. can't take a joke!!?

Hope to clear the air.

it's getting too misty and cloudy!

I've treated you with respect and much love until u banned me!!


Anonymous said...

I've treated you with respect and much love until u banned me!! <-- ouch!! banning you can leave such a big scar on your heart? Sorry ok?

Myst3 said...

It’s ok for now! Writing this post to just tell u everything, to avoid misunderstanding. To tell u how I feel, to tell u what I think. just don’t want u to think of me of something that I’m not or something that I haven’t done. I hope we are clear on this issue. And since u have read it, I could delete it. No point of hanging it there. But still u’ve link to my blog. Just tell me if you wanna take it down. Alright?