Thursday, April 24, 2008

Only in ...

Only in

Where weird signs make you stop and think what they actually means

WASAI? --- hey isn’t it a slang from Taiwan or Malaysia for exclamation moment? And isn’t SAI means Shit in Hokkien or Foo chow? This is the name of a Japanese restaurant here.


Do you know where’s the entrance?


Believe me, there are full of gays there! hehe...just joking!!


Tour Down Under????

Hmm…now, that would make a great t-shirt slogan
e.g. a tee with big wordings that say “WOULD U LIKE A TOUR DOWN UNDER?”, and a big sign pointing down.


These are the signs from a famous adult shop. The first 2 are alright, pretty obvious they are marketing tools. Now the third one.


Who will actually go and buy a used vibrator???
Isn’t it like a hygiene hazard??
Now imagine a used vibrator,

Customer : “I would like to complaint about the product I purchased a few days ago”

Shop keeper: “yes, what’s wrong with it?”

Customer: “ I found a pubic hair stuck in between the joint of the vibrator!!”

WTF~~ that is just disgusting!


Only in Malaysia

Where Banks don’t take in “vandalized” notes, not even a smudge ink on the note. Now look at this, what’s wrong with this?

Come on!!! I have only “brighten” his eyesight, so that he would see better, KENOT??

Yeah that had happened to me where this note was rejected by bank because “brighten of the eyesight”. That’s ok, I had spent it anyway with a plate of Kampua.


This is a funny kopitiam’s name! FAT MUM!

Yo mama so fat she walked by my home, I lost 5 days of sunglight!! Hehe!
It was ironic that there is really a fat lady who cook her famous and delicious deep fried sotong with salad dressing! YUMMY….I miss FAT MUM’s FOOD!


Only in Malaysia where occupational health and safety virtually means nothing.

This job sure will break his back or shoulder any day. I guess this is what I call HARD EARNED $$.


I seriously have no idea what this is. I saw it at one of the grocer shops in SIBU. What is it? Steroid pills??

And called KUKU bima too….hehe! Do admit, they’ve got MUSCLES!!!


Only in Malaysia, people just blatantly park their cars anywhere and how they want.

What a inconsiderate PRICK! Oh well, I guess that’s alright, because I park that way in sibu too.. hehe!

And what’s with the road sign?? This is really confusing…


In a big supermarket in Boulevard Kuching, I found this!!

A Bloody, Hairy, and FRESH cut cow leg


Cow’s and deer’s head?? Anyone???

Wouldn’t mind some cow brain juices…hmmmmm!


Sibu is a town of gangsters, that is what we are well known for. I was actually quite agnostic about the fact until I found this sticker on a wira.

Viva la Sibu’s Ah beng!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Valuable Souvenirs From Malaysia

On the night before I departed from my Malaysia holiday back to Australia, the phone rang

*tut*: Have you finished packing yet?

Me: I don’t really know, have been packing for the past few hours, I hope I have packed everything.

*tut*: HHHAAA!!?? You have been packing for so long, yet you still unsure if you have packed everything? What are there to pack for so long?

Me: Er…Keropok, clothes, my clothes are everywhere, I need to find them before I actually pack.

*tut*: huh? Keropok? Australia no keropok kah? Need to bring all over from Malaysia ah?

Me: hey *tut*, not all keropok are available from Australia! Of course, Australia has Australian chips and snack, but the choices are way too limited. I think it has to do nation’s economic where people are encourage to buy aus product.

*tut*: so what are you bringing over beside keropok?

Me: keropok and more keropok? (pause) Oh oh…Daddy Mee and keropok! (pause)….er….DVDs, CDs software and keropok!!!

*tut*: oh ok. Keropok! Got it!

Hehe! Yeah it is true that most of my “valuable souvenir” from Malaysia were Malaysian Keropok.
Here is the list of stuff I Brought over from Malaysia

1. Twelve packets of Malaysian Keropok

2. DAHFA Dried Fish Fillet ( I know I can buy them in Aus, but expensive mar~~)

3. Daddy Mee & Mi Sedaap (*tut* told me they are GOOD)

4. A few packets of Chinese herbal soup (I later found out that I too can get them in Aus! Damn!)

5. DVDs + CDs + Software (VIVA LA PIRATE)

6. A cute asian lion tissue cover. (I AM A PROUD ASIAN ok !)
I first saw it at Sushi King – Boulevard Kuching, and fell in love with it.
The other day, I opened up a packet of keropok(BIKA- honey crispy chips) here in Australia, had one bite, and I had the biggest food orgasm ever! The emotions of eating those were so great that my tears started running down my cheek. Alright! I was exaggerating, but it really did taste nothing like what you’ll get in Australia. It did make me miss home a bit! Hehe.

On a different note, here’s the thing I brought back from my journey back to Malaysia.
1. a thousands dollars worth of Cigars. (Don’t blame me, I was told Msia sells crappy cigars) - Got them at KLIA airport

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lunch @ Noodle House Adelaide

It has been a while since I last posted my personal food journey. I think it’s time for one.
Went to China Town the other day with friends to a newly opened noodle restaurant – called (u guessed it right!!)
Noodle House - Adelaide. The specialty of this restaurant is that all noodles are handmade.
These were what we had

Beef Noodle Soup – Taiwan Style
Good: Chunky Beef, Bad: the soup’s a bit tastless.

Dumpling Soup
Good: generous serve of dumplings, Bad: it’s a bit boring (don’t you think?)

Fried Rice Noodle with egg gravy
Good: Yummiest of them all, Bad: nothing bad, all good

Sliced Belly Pork
Good: Nothing Good, Bad: Cold Meat, tasteless, hair on skin, Brrr…..

Chicken Noodle soup with preserved vegetable
Good: Full of taste, quite alright, Bad: too too salty, and what’s with the sesame seeds?

Seaweed and egg dumpling soup
Good: as mentioned, generous serve of dumplings, Bad: Boring

Singapore Fried Vermicelli
Good: Looks good, Bad: too much curry powder, too much sesame seed.

So after tasting all 7 of them, the winner is
FRIED RICE NOODLE WITH EGG GRAVY – although it doesn't look too good compare to others, but it’s YUMMiest of them all!

Comment: they’re all pretty ordinary food, nothing spectacular.

Price: $A6-$A9

Sorry for the lame ass names,
Been replaced with the fancy restaurant names.
1. Special Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
2.Shanhai Style Fresh Prawn Mince Wan Ton
3.Egg Flower Style Beef - Rice Noodle
4.Sliced Pork with Garlic
5. Special Szehuan Style Dan Dan Noodle Soup
6Special Shanghai Style Mini Wan Tan Soup
7. Singapore Noodle

Monday, April 7, 2008

Police Harrassment?

Question: For what reason is the Police Officer pulling these people over??
How long did it take you to realize she's not wearing a helmet?

Proper Attire

The other day I was at Costco and saw this guy wearing these ugly ugly blue pants.

I just had to show you.... Can you believe it?
Absolutely disgusting.


A new world's record in the high jump from a kneeling position was set last week at a beach in southern France . The following picture was taken just two seconds before the jump took place......

Fish Ball

A guy who lives at Lake Conroe
(50 miles north of Houston ) saw a ball bouncing
around kind of strange in the lake and went to
It turned out to be a flathead catfish who had
obviously tried to swallow a basketball which
became stuck in its mouth!!
The fish was totally exhausted from trying to
dive, but unable to because the ball would
always bring him back up to the surface.
The guy tried numerous times to get the ball out,
but was unsuccessful. He finally had his wife cut
the ball in order to deflate it and release the hungry
You probably wouldn't have believed this,
if you hadn't seen these pictures...