Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lunch @ Noodle House Adelaide

It has been a while since I last posted my personal food journey. I think it’s time for one.
Went to China Town the other day with friends to a newly opened noodle restaurant – called (u guessed it right!!)
Noodle House - Adelaide. The specialty of this restaurant is that all noodles are handmade.
These were what we had

Beef Noodle Soup – Taiwan Style
Good: Chunky Beef, Bad: the soup’s a bit tastless.

Dumpling Soup
Good: generous serve of dumplings, Bad: it’s a bit boring (don’t you think?)

Fried Rice Noodle with egg gravy
Good: Yummiest of them all, Bad: nothing bad, all good

Sliced Belly Pork
Good: Nothing Good, Bad: Cold Meat, tasteless, hair on skin, Brrr…..

Chicken Noodle soup with preserved vegetable
Good: Full of taste, quite alright, Bad: too too salty, and what’s with the sesame seeds?

Seaweed and egg dumpling soup
Good: as mentioned, generous serve of dumplings, Bad: Boring

Singapore Fried Vermicelli
Good: Looks good, Bad: too much curry powder, too much sesame seed.

So after tasting all 7 of them, the winner is
FRIED RICE NOODLE WITH EGG GRAVY – although it doesn't look too good compare to others, but it’s YUMMiest of them all!

Comment: they’re all pretty ordinary food, nothing spectacular.

Price: $A6-$A9

Sorry for the lame ass names,
Been replaced with the fancy restaurant names.
1. Special Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
2.Shanhai Style Fresh Prawn Mince Wan Ton
3.Egg Flower Style Beef - Rice Noodle
4.Sliced Pork with Garlic
5. Special Szehuan Style Dan Dan Noodle Soup
6Special Shanghai Style Mini Wan Tan Soup
7. Singapore Noodle


Anonymous said...

mmmm yummy yummy.... makes u miss sibu or not?

fritz said...

sliced pork belly's supposed to be eaten cold leh... and what's with sesame seeds with singapore fried mee hoon? o.O