Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dodo's Story (Continue 2)

Author: Dodo (Doreen)

Previous segment can be found here

The moment felt surreal. She’d been secretly obsessed on *Tut* for months, since the 1st night she saw him play at the Club. She’d made her way back to the club several times since then, juz to steal a look at this hot hunk, his hands, his face haunting all of her daydreams n most of her nightmares. (Jeez man~ u might think that I’m damn kisiao about this hunk huh. Yes I do. Hehe…) She’d been sure all this while tat he didn’t even know she existed n now here they were, all alone, face-to-face in the darkness. Damn! If she hadn’t spent so much time daydreaming she’d have had an opening trick planned for this moment d lar …Aiks! What a dum-dum Dodo heh! Ish!

‘Erm… would u like to join me for yamcha?” she asked, her voice sounding husky n strange to her. (Yeah I know its kinda lame tactic tat I’ve used on this hunk by asking him for yamcha heh. Hehe …)

“Depends. Do u ask every guy who walks u like this?”

“Me?? Erm…Duh! I don’t know,” she answered honestly. “I’ve never had a guy walk me like this.”

“Heh… something tells me u’re not telling me the whole truth about tat heh.”

Raising up her right eyebrow at him. “Huh…. Are u insulting me?”

“Nope. Not a chance. I’m juz trying to read u. Hehe….”

“Do u read every gal u walk?”

“Haha …I don’t know. I’ve never walked a gal like this.” He laughed.

“Haha …now ccc who’s talking in circles heh!” She laughed back, pulling her keys out n turning the key n opened the car door.

“Look. U’re welcome to join me if u want to. But don’t take too long to think about it k.” she hopped into her “Green Beetle” n winked at him before closing her car door. Hehe… (Wat a buaya this Dodo is…flirting flirting flirting…yaya I know that. Hehe)

“Y is there some time limit here huh?”

“No lar. But I do have air-conditioning n it’s all being sucked out the car here as we stand here discussing whether u’re joining for the yamcha or not mah. So?” she turned to start the engine, pretending not to care whether he answered. (Hehe… damn berlagak right… hehe… anyway the stories I’ve written all these while were about how I fantasized it k.)

“Air-conditioning??!! Haha … y didn’t u say tat to begin with! No man in his right mind would turn down an invitation tat involved air-conditioning on a hot night like this.” He fairly hopped in her “Green Beetle”.

“Watever turns u on,” she joked with a shrug as she closed her car door n shifted into third gear. And drove around to the next yamcha spot.

(Hehe … deep in me. I was actually damn happy about it. If I’m not mistaken I still recall that I eventually bit my lip to keep from smiling as *Tut* hopped into my car. It’d been a long, long time since I’d felt so excited n nervous over the presence of a guy. Then some more, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been quite so keen for a guy as I was for this one. Hehe …)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Video of the day

Thanks to Alvin for introducing such a hilarous comedian.
I've enjoyed every single one of them and I was laughing so hard while watching them.
if you don't like comedian doing stand up comedy, then you probably won't like this post (go to next post).
Let me introduce
This is the Hilarous

1. Asians

2. Outsourced Terrorists

3. English Accent

4. Closing Act -God's Practical Joke

Are you Interested?

~Lonely, I am so lonely, I have nobody, all my own~
Akon's Lonely song playing Background
Before you read this entry, please download the song and play it at the background
I am desperately looking for love(*am pulling a Steven Lim Stunt)!
I have submitted my profile shown below for a famous matchmaker agent.
Finger crossed that they can find me a girlfriend.
I do weight training on a daily basis
Into designer brands and I love to dance

A social drinker, and I love to party Hard

We're fun guys ready for action

I am outgoing and people say I'm the life of the party

People say I'm up front...where did I put that other sponge?

I am happy-go-lucky and a snappy dresser

People say it's my enchanting smile that attracts people

I am a hard worker,
I am into DIY projects and thinking of starting my own Home Handy Man business

I am a bit of a wallflower at parties and I don't think People take much notice of what I am saying when I am talking to them.

My girlfriend will be the wind beneath my wings

I could be a little too hip for you with my new hairdo
I consider myself a fairy fairly conservative guy and take pride in my appearance

Interested in dating me?
Just ring
1800 Myst3

Pilot Eye Sight Test

This is a Pilot Eye Sight Test
See if you have what it takes to be a pilot.
I failed miserably
Can you focus on the parrat for 10 seconds on the below picture?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dodo's Story (Continue 1)

This is a continue seqment of dodo's story.
You can read the previous seqment here
Author: Dodo (Doreen)


Ahhh...She’d never before been this close to him. So close that she could actually feel the heat of his body. Uh lala ~ Smell that faint scent of soap on his skin. She stared longingly.

Whispered to herself... “Damn! Wat am I thinking?!”

“Damn?? Haha...Now there’s a word I haven’t heard in a while.” He repeated.

“Hang around me, dude. And you’re bound to hear lotsa words noone else uses. Hehe ..” (Hey guys, am I right? I do speak such words that noone else uses huh?? Hehe )

One corner of his mouth drew back in amusement. “Is that an invitation??”

For the 1st time in forever, Dodo actually felt heat creep up her cheeks. Nervous, hot and worried, she couldn’t think of anything else to say. Jeez man … this is so damn paiseh.

(Cmon, Dodo, where r ur clever retorts? Probably hiding in the same place where my common sense lives most of the time.)

She tried to think of something to say. But for her life, nothing came to mind. Nothing. Nothing except images of how good *Tut* would look with that sleek hair wet and his lean hips wrapped in a damp, clinging towel.

“I guess I should be goin lar.” She said, edging away from him. Coward!!!!

“U’re here alone ar?” he asked before she could make good escape.
“How far’s ur car?”
“It’s at my place down the street. I’ll walk over.”

He gave her that doubtful look that everyone she knew gave her sooner or later – as if he couldn’t believe what she’d juz said. He offered to walk her to her car but still she convinced him that she would walk there on her own. She pointed out the club’s window to the sidewalk fairly packed with people. No place was busier than here on night like this. She couldn’t be alone on the street if she wanted to. He glanced at a guy a few feet away who was signaling toward the guitar. *Tut* nodded, then looked back at her.

“Maybe so. Still. Tell u wat. I’ve one more song to play and then I’m done for the night. How about u wait here n when I’m done, I’ll walk u home? Okay??” Giving Dodo that innocent look somemore heh ..

Oh my my …like she was going to say no? omg omg omg!!!

As *Tut* worked his way thru a few tunes, Dodo couldn’t take her eyes off of his slender, muscular hands. They flew over the strings as if he and the guitar were one. She’d never been one to think of a guitarist as hot- in mind they were all Richie Kotzen types.

“U know, I love the night,” *Tut* said, finally breaking the silence.
“In a vampire kinda way ar?” Dodo immediately wished she’d given a thought before she’d spoken. How could she let that silly vampire idea she’d had of him earlier that day juz fall outta her mouth like that? Yikes!! Stupiak!!! But still he laughed at her.

Even though he seemed amused, she felt “stu” still.
“I do know wat u mean, thou. Even as a kid I used to see how late I could stay up.”
“We had this huge…..” she demonstrated with her hands to show how huge and ended up PIAK!!! whacking *Tut* in the hard pecs again with her hand. He didn’t seem to notice. If she didn’t knock it off he was goin to think that she had some freaky thing for his chest, which of coz she did but but but …. She balled her fist up and dropped her arms to her sides. Aiks ..si beh paiseh neh.

They continued the conversation and blah blah blah …. N they actually had a good laugh.

Dodo bit her lip as they paused in front of the steps leading to the front of her “Green Beetle”.

“Thanks for walking me.”
And and and ….u know wat ..it’s kinda sweet that ..*Tut* eventually leaned forward and whispered in her ear “My pleasure.” Awwwwwww …that’s sweet, ain’t it??
His warm breath tickled her neck and the scent of him made her stomach jump. He smelled good enough to eat. Yummy!! =9 hehe ..

“I guess I’d better get goin.” He said. N n n …. The continuous part …erm..we shall c it later yah.. hehe …

Dinner @ Hog's Breath Cafe

It's Dinner time.
This time I went to Hog's Breath Cafe. What?
El Grande Prime Rib
Seared Prime Rib with cheese sauce, tomato salsa and sliced jalapenos, served with curly fries and salad.

$A 27.95
Hickory Smoked Prime Rib
Areal Tex-Mex flavour seared and topped with a hickory smoked BBQ sauce on the char grill lite cut served with baked potato and steamed vegetables

Price - $A19.95

1. The Steak and Rib are a bit overrated, and over priced.
2. Personally, I ordered my steak to be medium cooked, I was told that medium would be the optimum choice for the steak. But when I had my 1st slice through the meat, I saw blood(hmm). I know it is juicy and i know it is tender, but blood! for my personal preference, I should have asked for well done steak.

After dinner, we went to a convenient shop.
To my surprise I found this ice cream and it only cost $A1.60(cheap! FYI a Magnum ice-cream cost $A3.80).
I guess this shop is owned by Koreans.
it's a Korean corn flavour ice cream
Back view

How cute it is, right! The ice cream is covered by corn shaped wafer
Although it is a corn flavour ice cream, but i can't taste much corn in them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dodo's Story (Updated)

Author: Dodo (Doreen)

How’d that song go again? Dodo stopped humming to look thru her brain. Something about turning, turn, turn. Oh yeah! A time to work on assignments, a time to play. She sighed. On this particular Monday afternoon as she sat in her room, Dodo was definitely in the mood to play.

Dodo’s gaze slid longingly to the corner of her computer screen where the time glared mockingly at her. Four o’clock. Would this day ever end? She drummed her neatly manicured nails on her desk as she flipped thru the pages of Cleo. How on earth was she gonna make it to the end of the day? All morning after she’d stumbled in nearly an hour late for uni – again she hadn’t exactly been paying attention in class. The day was a complete wash. She was stuck for the day with no way out. Damn! Leaning her cheek against her fist, Dodo glanced up as Yy walked by, holding a super-sized coffee mug.

“U know wat I want, Yy?” Dodo asked. Yy paused with her left eye brow raised up in that not-another-one-of-ur-crazy-notions-Yy look. “I can’t imagine.” Dodo turned the copy of Cleo she’d been reading to face Yy and pointed to the model wearing a slip dress that showed her thin, angular frame off to perfection. “I want to meet the man who can look at this ad and think wat I think.”

Y looked at the ad. “And that is?”
“Someone throw that woman a cheeseburger and make her eat it before she dies of starvation.” Hahaha …. Dodo laughed.

Alright then. Dodo turned in her chair to face the computer monitor. Assignment, Dodo, assignment.

Sigh. Who could work on assignment on such a sunny day? Dodo’s attention drifted to the windows where the bright sun tempted her. And Dodo has never been one to deny temptation. At least not for long anyway. It was one of those lazy hot afternoons in Sg Long where she’d like nothing better than to peel off her clothes and pull on a pair of cutoffs and a tank top and walk in flip-flops. Closing her eyes, she could picture herself sitting down the grass, eating one of the mouthwatering hotdogs from the 1901. And if she really wanted to make it perfect, that particular *tut* would be there as well. Hehe… A smile curved her lips as she imagined him laid next to her on the grass drinking Coke and munching a dog.

“Don’t I wish,” Dodo breathed, enjoying the thought.

*tut* was a mystery. His dark good looks were not obvious in a movie-star kind of way. Sure, he was good-looking enough that u’d notice him across a room. He wore his straight black hair almost to his shoulders in a careless style that owes looked as if he’d juz brushed his long, lean fingers thru it. And his “chun” features were almost more than Dodo could take. Dodo sighed as she wondered wat he did during the daylight hours. In her mind, she pictured him like some seductive vampire who camped out during the day waiting for night to fall. Then, he would come alive and work his sexy spell on her. Wahahaha… (Damn Gatal this Dodo huh??) How she wished for the courage to walk up to him once night where he played guitar, and seize his lips in a hot, passionate kiss. Woo hoo…Dodo bit her lips as she enjoyed the dream. If only she had the guts. (Yeah Japjap aka Calvin’. I know u would say I am “buaya” if u’re reading this.) But for some reason when it came to *tut*, Dodo was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Normally, she had no prob at all walking up to a guy and getting right to the bottom of him. Not so with this *tut*. He was different. Very different. For all in a sudden… “You still here?” breaking Dodo out of her daze. “What?!” Dodo asked as she shook off her daydream and focused on Y’s face. Dodo rolled her eyes. “Go on and get outta here.” Aiks.. spoiler lar. Dodo was damn syok about it and there this Yy interrupted in pulak. Sighs.

Part 1 End
Part 2 Start
Dodo collected her bag n quickly gathered her things and swept out the door, leaving the sound of her classmates behind. Finding all the energy and motivation she’d been missing all day, she rushed to her “Green Beetle” which was parked behind the brownstone Uni building. She got in and checked on her watch. She was supposed to meet her best fren, Chris, in less than an hour.

Mostly Chris couldn’t stand the thought of her fren wasting her charms, as she put it, on a fellow who clearly was more muscles than brains. As back as she could remember, she nicknamed her boyfriends. So far there had been Duh-man, Fool, Sprinter, Boor and blablabla… The six-foot tall, macho dude in the club had juz been another in a long line of guys who were fun to hang with, but weren’t the type of guy a babe settled down with unless she’d juz plain run out of options.

And Dodo wasn’t even close to running out of options. She knew what she wanted when it came to hot hunks. Hehe … A nice, ever-so-slightly-dangerous-in-a-good-way hot hunk who could make her feel what she’d never felt before – unconditionally loved. Dodo was plenty smart enough to know that what she sought in a guy was what she’d owes wanted for. Her family had never had a minute to spare for her like they used to be as time went by, thing’s changed. Sighs… Sisters were so caught up running own careers they barely noticed they had a sister. Mum and Dad had owes been the busy social queen and king. Her family wasn’t necessarily bad people, they just weren’t close to each other or to her coz thing’s changed as time went by and she found lil’ comfort in their relationship. (Just feel that thing’s changed once u’re grown up)

The gals in Uni were good frens, but they owes tsk-tsking her behavior, and what Dodo needed was someone who could love her just for being her. Someone who could appreciate – no, cherish – unique view of the world.

It was the only thing in life she had ever wanted. And it seemed to be the thing she might spend a lifetime looking for.

Shifting down into third gear, Dodo drove around and changed her destination. Forget about goin bck to her place, she needed to cut loose tonite and the sooner she picked up Chris, the sooner she could set herself free.
Part 2 End
Part3 Start
It wasn’t Chris’s fault she had been blessed with great genes. The two of them couldn’t go any place that guys didn’t embarrass themselves tryin to impress Chris. Of coz, Chris wouldn’t stick with her fren while a bunch of hot hunks were salivating for the model-thin buxom babe!

Slamming the car door, Dodo caught sight of herself in the window. It didn’t help that the streetlights behind her reflected poorly against the bright colors of her summery dress. Jeez, she thought, I look like a troll. (Damn hate my body and everything. I am short n fat!!! N n n … my eyes!!!)

Lifting herself up on her tiptoes, she sucked her stomach in. No no .. It didn’t help. Ish ish ish … She was short and curvy, a lil’ handful of a babe, with a chic, messy mop of dark-brown-black hair and hazel small eyes with just the barest hint of color to them. She didn’t usually have trouble hooking up with an interesting prospect when they out together, but sometimes, compared to Chris’s statuesque beauty, Dodo felt like the B-Team. Sighs … so sad.

She looked at her eyes … like her mum had. How many times had her mum mourned on the fact that poor Dodo had been cursed with Grandma’s genes heh? Maybe eye job would help?? Dodo made fun of at her reflection as she tried to make her eyes look bigger. On second thought, maybe I should arrange for a full head transplant. Ahhh heck! What was she worried about anyway? She was cute. Granted she didn’t get as many guys as Chris, but she had more than her share. And there was nothing wrong with her eyes.

She grabbed her small purse and started for her front door. Dodo had only taken a step when she decided she didn’t wanna go in right away. No, not when she felt like this. Alone. Tired. Discouraged. For a gal of twenty-two, she felt ancient. If only she knew what she wanted to do with her life, perhaps that would help. All of her frens had owes known what they wanted, and they had headed straight for it. But not Dodo.

She wanted her life to mean something, but she was completely clueless as to what something was. And she so easily distracted by her own amusements, it was hard for her to concentrate on figuring out what her life should mean.

Stop it, Dodo, and I mean now!! No more pity-party!! What is wrong with u??!!

Pivoting on her feet, she headed back toward the street. There were things to see and hot hunks to do, and right now she was gonna head off toward the Club and see if *Tut* was playing tonite.

Life was too short to be miserable and alone and she was finally in the mood to corner *Tut* once and for all.

It was only a short stroll to the club, but the place was completely packed. Fact is that *Tut* wasn’t even playing.

“Just perfect,” Dodo mumbled. “A perfect end to a perfect day.”

Depressed and ready to giv up on the nite, she turned to leave and walked straight into a wall of hard muscle. Dodo opened her mouth to apologise as she looked up the tall, lean body and into the electric big eyes she’d been longing for.

“Hi,” *Tut* said, cracking that half smile that made her legs weak.

Dodo realized her hands were pressed against wonderfully hard pecs. She wondered for a second how long would be too long to linger like this. Reluctantly, she pulled her hand away and returned his smile. “Hi,” she repeated, too frightened by the feel of him juz millimeters away to come up with anything more brilliant to say.
Part3 End
Thanks DODO for contributing
Many thanks from Myst3

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Art of Online Dating

Q:How often do you meet opposite sex online?
A:I certainly do all the time!

Q:Have you ever requested photo from him/her?
A:Yeah, of course!

Q:Do you often like what you see from the photo sent?

Q:How about this one?
A:Yeah she look sexy, and has great "assets" too
Let's look at the full photos
Sexy ya!

This is called the Art of Cropping

Moral of the Story: Do not trust anything from the internet, not even photos!
I've learned this from personal experience!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Paper Plane Anyone?

This is a great online game that I have been playing for sometime now.
This game for me is quite addictive.
The main objective of this game is to see how far you can throw your paper plane.
You have to get your plane to go thru some difficult obstruction like ceiling fan,
and thru window.
here are some screen shots of the plane after the office window.

Here's my record, try to beat them (I know someone already did)
Here's a video I have edited to illustrate how it is done.
Only watch this video if you have given up on trying..hehe!
Sorry about the shaky hand, I was playing while filming!
do realised it's not centered focus!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Understanding Male 101

We always hear it's hard to understand opposite sex.
Let me present a guide for you to understand Male
"Understanding Male 101"

Please note... these are all Number 1 rules/thoughts by male

Breasts are for looking at and that is why we do it. Don't try to change that

Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.

Saturday = sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be

Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.

Crying is blackmail.

Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one:
•Subtle hints do not work!
•Strong hints do not work!
•Obvious hints do not work!

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question

Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for

A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor

Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days

If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us

If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one

You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done
Not both
If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself

Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials

Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we

ALL men see in only 16 colours, like Windows default settings.
Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a colour. Pumpkin is also a fruit.
We have no idea what mauve is.

If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.

If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing," we will act like nothing's wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle

If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, expect an answer you don't want to hear

When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine, Really

Don't ask us what we're thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as:
–Sport, or

You have enough clothes

You have too many shoes

I am in shape. Round is a shape.

Thank you for reading this; Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the
couch tonight, but did you know men really don't mind that, it's like camping.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Blogger Friends

Since I’ve started this blog, I have met some wonderful people online. Although we haven’t met/know each other (for a certain degree), but I do seriously appreciate your company. Thank you guys for your responds. I had so much fun with you guys, and I really do appreciate every minute of it. I do apologize if I have hurt anyone unintentionally(it is not my intention to hurt anyone).
Alright, enough blabbering with my emotional side, let’s have as much fun as possible in the blog sphere.

First up, Jordan, thanks a lot for the tags. One side of me, I don’t like them at all, but on the other side, tags actually “force” me to reveal a little bit more of my personal side. This is good, as you (the reader) can understand me a tick bit more.
Let’s do this tag!

food you hate--->Raw food – e.g. Sashimi, medium cooked steak, Oyster

Fruits that you hate---> hmm..can't think of any!

Veggies that you hate---> Celery

Celebrities or people that you hate---> All pretentious people

Even/Incident/Situation that you hate--->All embarrass moments, e.g. stuttering while giving speech in front of people

TV Shows or Movies that you hate--->love you love me Taiwanese/HK dramas show (that’s why I don’t watch them at all)

Type of Music that you hate ---> love you love me taiwanese/HK songs (that’s why I don’t listen to them at all)

Household chore that you hate--->Washing dishes!

Things you hate about the world--->$$, money is the root of all evil.

Things you hate about yourself---> hard to say NO to friends.

Note: This is not to tag anyone, but a little acknowledgements to some bloggers

Kepo-Jane, thanks a lot for all those “meaningless” chats, so glad we have you! It makes it worthwhile at this hell-hole (aka Work) - Thanks for doing the tag!

Mischievous Allison-also Thanks for doing my tag among all the other tags, at least u still remember.

Calvin~ eat those Mashi when u’re Sienz!

ALvIn - Welcome to the world of RANT!

Kelly! The cheeky bastard didn’t try to get you drunk, the cheeky bastard just wanted you to have FUN!!! Bacardi 151 would have been bought if we really want to get the party started.

To all the people in blog sphere!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dinner @ Kopitim

It's Dinner time!
My friends and I went to KOPITIM (shouldn't it be KopiTiam?) the other night for dinner.
Kopitim serves Malaysian cruisine and is pretty famous among us malaysian.
The food are quite Malaysian Style, but the prices aren't.
For example, a roti canai cost $A 7 ++ (approx. RM 20) and that's ridiculously expensive.
we had
1. Kadazhan Chicken? (I've put a question mark cos i can't quite remember the name)

2. Curry Fish

3. Beef Rendang

4. Stir Fried Kang Kong


They are all $A10 - $A15 per dish

1. The food were quite alright. You can really "taste" Msia from those food.
2. These food are quite ordinary and common in Msia

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's A Dodo's Art

May I present you “It’s a Dodo’s Art”!
Part 1 is a picture conversation between yours truly and Dodo, while part 2 is a post I requested dodo to write for me.
I have asked her to write something for my site as a "guest author".
After some brain-storming and a little time, she came up with "Human Subconcious", where she talks about her views on subconcious.

Part 1 – Picture Conversation

This is how it started.
(Note: Some wordings were altered for better understanding)
Myst3RY says:
hey dodo yang.....want to post up something for me?

DoDo says:
post up wat?

Myst3RY says:
anything la
DoDo says:
i don think so

DoDo says:
i don write gd stuff like u guys do
Myst3RY says:
not asking you to write essay leh

Myst3RY says:
let me make you a deal...do a picture blog....one picture one sentences...3 picture 3 sentences and etc..

At first, she declined, but some how she passed me some photos, and we talked about these photos

Myst3RY says:
is that where you live??

Myst3RY says:
in kl?

Myst3RY says:
views from outside your window?

DoDo says:

DoDo says:
They were taken when i visited sis on monday

DoDo says:
capitol hotel behind sg wang

Myst3RY says:
oh she was in a hotel!

DoDo says:

DoDo says:
she attended some meeting here in kl

Myst3RY says:
did she have fun in KL? she must have bought a lot of things from KL

DoDo says:
Not really! she's now here with me

DoDo says:
later heading bck to miri, nite flight!

Then we talked about dogs
Myst3RY says:
so u have 2 dogs..one’s bear bear another one’s PP

DoDo says:
currently its 2

DoDo says:
PP was the previous one n we ditched her for its own good

(This is PP - Poor Dog)

DoDo says:

DoDo says:
currently is juz bearbear n money

(this is bear bear)

(this is Money)Myst3RY says:
HHAHAHAH...ditched her.

DoDo says:

DoDo says:
pp was kinda...erm..

Myst3RY says:
horny all the time?

DoDo says:
haha. No!

DoDo says:
i guess she thinks she's a cat ..

DoDo says:
she climbs u knw

DoDo says:
she can climb over high fence n even gate

DoDo says:
i wonder how she did tat

DoDo says:
n dats pretty cool thouh

DoDo says:
n it bothers my neighbour alot

DoDo says:
so for both good ..we ditched her

DoDo says:

(more pictures of Money)

(this is a cute photos of Money, It looks like money was lost in the wood all sad)
Part 1 End

Part 2 - Human Subconcious By Dodo (aka Doreen)

Hey hey hey …this is Dodo aka Doreen, the zany chatter u will get to see me around over the Ks and Cn cb. Erm…what’s cb? Aha. Gotcha! It ain’t one of those foul words u have in ur mind. Yeah I know what u’re thinking. It’s not the *tut* cb that u have in ur mind now k. It means Chatter Box. Alright now, I’d better cut it out. No more crap for now. As requested by my Myst yang...Here I am with an entry for u.

First, let me ask u guys, how, u might wonder, r u gonna believe in urself when u’re juz starting out? Can’t u only really believe in urself when u feel, see n hear urself achieving what u want to achieve? U’ve got a point! There’s a simple answer. Actors have known for years if u haven’t achieved it yet, u can fake it! Just as actors can fool an audience, u can fool ur subconscious.

Researchers have found out that while our subconscious mind is sooooo powerful in so many ways it can easily be fooled. U’ve probably heard stories about Australian Aborigines ‘pointing the bone’ at someone. The victim dies, even though they might have previously been in perfect health. Why? Coz the person believed they would die. Another great example is that of Mahatma Ghandi, who sincerely believed that India was for the Indians. For a long time, people thought that it was quite impossible to free the colonial superpower, England. Ghandi proved them wrong. It took a long time and Ghandi faced many difficulties, but in the end he’s able to bring it about. Oh yaya ..what am I crapping about here ..U would never understand right. Don’t worry. Keep on reading and u will understand soon.

It’s like a magic. If u show ur subconscious mind what it is u after in ur life, ur subconscious mind will work for u to bring it about. When u apply ur subconscious mind, ur conscious mind and all ur abilities to the task u become much more powerful. Trust me. It works at times!

I personally witnessed the power of the subconscious mind a few years ago when I went to a motivational seminar. I knew that one of the features of the program was a 4 metre fire walk. I repeat myself … it’s 4 METRE FIRE WALK. Jeez man! This is nuts. Went for motivational seminar and that was what they were trying get u motivated?? Well duh. U’ll see. A couple of strong childhood memories made me rather nervous: as a 10 year old, I stood on a stool drying my hair when I overbalanced and almost rolled my head first into fire. U can understand why I was keen not on doing the fire walk. I didn’t think I could walk on red hot coals – I didn’t want to walk on the red hot coals! It was like “Siao ar man … Want me to walk on those red hot thingy...It would be a big No to me.” However, during the seminar it was pointed out that fire walk was really a metaphor about taking out fears and beliefs and by overcoming them, using them to empower us rather than to limit us. By the end of the evening, I believed I could. (Yeah, I believe I could and I actually did it. But it was not the total 4 metre that I was supposed to go through. Don’t ask me why. Well at least I did it, right?) Man, U gotta salute me for that, that I actually just did it. Oh God, how did I do that huh?

I knew I would be able to do it, I could see myself doing it, I could hear myself being congratulated when I’d done it.

So I did the fire walk. It was an incredible experience. I knew then that there as even more that I could achieve in my life. Other people there amazed me just as much as the changes in myself: the young man of 18 who walked with crutches because one leg was at least 20cm shorter than the other, the woman in her 70s who was bent over and walked with the aid of a walking stick. Both of these (and just about all of the other 500 people) walked across the bed of coals. I couldn’t help but wonder what else did they believe was possible about their lives now? We’re all able to do the fire walk coz we believed we could, we’re in the right state of mind and we were given the skills. But hey hey, I ain’t exaggerating about this. This is true! And it’s a sad thing to say that I didn’t take any snaps during the event as we were not allowed to bring in any cameras. Don’t ask me why again huh. I don’t know. I just followed what I was supposed to do. And yeah, I ain’t exaggerating about the “Ah Po” who went through the red hot coals. She just made it. It was like wow … that’s cool man! Ah po ler…she just did it. I ain’t know how she did that.

Remember, fire walks are a metaphor that worked for me. U don’t have to do one to achieve the benefits of what I mentioned a moment ago. In fact I would advise u not to do a fire walk unless u can be sure it has been set up by a competent person and is absolutely safe. SET UP BY A COMPETENT PERSON YAH…MAKE SURE IT’S SAFE. The challenge actually is not so much the fire walk but ur belief system. So, u guys had better not go nuts for the fire walk thingy coz Dodo said so that everyone can make it huh. Don’t blame me for that when u suffer any injuries yah. Haha… I am not responsible for that.

Suppose u believe u could never be wealthy and yet when u look around at the people who are wealthy, u see that they are no brighter or more capable than u. At this point, u might have an unanswered prob. U could choose to wallow in self-pity, to believe that the rich must have been dishonest to accumulate so much wealth. Or u could decide to believe that if u began to do the same things that the wealthy have done, then u too could begin to be wealthy. So, which set of beliefs are most likely to increase ur fullness of life?

Note: no offense yah. I didn’t mean it when I said the rich must have been dishonest ….blah blah blah… it’s just my point of view of the rich.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Funniest Rodent Videos Collection

This Rodent seems to the cyber world by storm
It is just so damn FUNNY!
As usual, I have watched it many times.
It just make me laugh everytime when i watch it.
this is the original version

There are severa version available on youtube, there's Dr Evil version,Kill Billl version, This is Sparta version, and many many more.Just double/triple click the video to bring your browser to youtube and look under "related" column. Of all of them,I like this one the best.It's called the Ultimate Remix, and the name says it all.Enjoy!

Update: The Ultimate Remix been removed by the user. Sigh~!

I'll just put in another version of the rodent

The Difference between Male/Female Friendships

Friendship between Women
A woman didn't come home one night.
The next day, she told her husband
that she had slept over at a girl friend's house.
The man called his wife's 10 best friends

...none of them knew anything about it.

Friendship between Men

A man didn't come home one night.
The next day, he told his wife that he had slept over at a buddy's house.
The woman called her husband's 10 best friends
...eight of them confirmed that he had slept over and two claimed that
he was still there.

Plasma Tech Robot

As mentioned in previous entry, that I like toys.
I have promised to write something about this robot.
So here it is!
It comes in a plastic container tube
Parts inside After putting all parts together...
What is special about this robot is that,
it has a built in lights inside the chest,
once you push the button at the back,
it'll light up

What is it?
Plasma Tech Robot

$A 4.99


Why buy them?
1. to fufilled my "toy-less" childhood
2. how often do you see robot with built in lights and this CHEAP?