Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dodo's Story (Updated)

Author: Dodo (Doreen)

How’d that song go again? Dodo stopped humming to look thru her brain. Something about turning, turn, turn. Oh yeah! A time to work on assignments, a time to play. She sighed. On this particular Monday afternoon as she sat in her room, Dodo was definitely in the mood to play.

Dodo’s gaze slid longingly to the corner of her computer screen where the time glared mockingly at her. Four o’clock. Would this day ever end? She drummed her neatly manicured nails on her desk as she flipped thru the pages of Cleo. How on earth was she gonna make it to the end of the day? All morning after she’d stumbled in nearly an hour late for uni – again she hadn’t exactly been paying attention in class. The day was a complete wash. She was stuck for the day with no way out. Damn! Leaning her cheek against her fist, Dodo glanced up as Yy walked by, holding a super-sized coffee mug.

“U know wat I want, Yy?” Dodo asked. Yy paused with her left eye brow raised up in that not-another-one-of-ur-crazy-notions-Yy look. “I can’t imagine.” Dodo turned the copy of Cleo she’d been reading to face Yy and pointed to the model wearing a slip dress that showed her thin, angular frame off to perfection. “I want to meet the man who can look at this ad and think wat I think.”

Y looked at the ad. “And that is?”
“Someone throw that woman a cheeseburger and make her eat it before she dies of starvation.” Hahaha …. Dodo laughed.

Alright then. Dodo turned in her chair to face the computer monitor. Assignment, Dodo, assignment.

Sigh. Who could work on assignment on such a sunny day? Dodo’s attention drifted to the windows where the bright sun tempted her. And Dodo has never been one to deny temptation. At least not for long anyway. It was one of those lazy hot afternoons in Sg Long where she’d like nothing better than to peel off her clothes and pull on a pair of cutoffs and a tank top and walk in flip-flops. Closing her eyes, she could picture herself sitting down the grass, eating one of the mouthwatering hotdogs from the 1901. And if she really wanted to make it perfect, that particular *tut* would be there as well. Hehe… A smile curved her lips as she imagined him laid next to her on the grass drinking Coke and munching a dog.

“Don’t I wish,” Dodo breathed, enjoying the thought.

*tut* was a mystery. His dark good looks were not obvious in a movie-star kind of way. Sure, he was good-looking enough that u’d notice him across a room. He wore his straight black hair almost to his shoulders in a careless style that owes looked as if he’d juz brushed his long, lean fingers thru it. And his “chun” features were almost more than Dodo could take. Dodo sighed as she wondered wat he did during the daylight hours. In her mind, she pictured him like some seductive vampire who camped out during the day waiting for night to fall. Then, he would come alive and work his sexy spell on her. Wahahaha… (Damn Gatal this Dodo huh??) How she wished for the courage to walk up to him once night where he played guitar, and seize his lips in a hot, passionate kiss. Woo hoo…Dodo bit her lips as she enjoyed the dream. If only she had the guts. (Yeah Japjap aka Calvin’. I know u would say I am “buaya” if u’re reading this.) But for some reason when it came to *tut*, Dodo was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Normally, she had no prob at all walking up to a guy and getting right to the bottom of him. Not so with this *tut*. He was different. Very different. For all in a sudden… “You still here?” breaking Dodo out of her daze. “What?!” Dodo asked as she shook off her daydream and focused on Y’s face. Dodo rolled her eyes. “Go on and get outta here.” Aiks.. spoiler lar. Dodo was damn syok about it and there this Yy interrupted in pulak. Sighs.

Part 1 End
Part 2 Start
Dodo collected her bag n quickly gathered her things and swept out the door, leaving the sound of her classmates behind. Finding all the energy and motivation she’d been missing all day, she rushed to her “Green Beetle” which was parked behind the brownstone Uni building. She got in and checked on her watch. She was supposed to meet her best fren, Chris, in less than an hour.

Mostly Chris couldn’t stand the thought of her fren wasting her charms, as she put it, on a fellow who clearly was more muscles than brains. As back as she could remember, she nicknamed her boyfriends. So far there had been Duh-man, Fool, Sprinter, Boor and blablabla… The six-foot tall, macho dude in the club had juz been another in a long line of guys who were fun to hang with, but weren’t the type of guy a babe settled down with unless she’d juz plain run out of options.

And Dodo wasn’t even close to running out of options. She knew what she wanted when it came to hot hunks. Hehe … A nice, ever-so-slightly-dangerous-in-a-good-way hot hunk who could make her feel what she’d never felt before – unconditionally loved. Dodo was plenty smart enough to know that what she sought in a guy was what she’d owes wanted for. Her family had never had a minute to spare for her like they used to be as time went by, thing’s changed. Sighs… Sisters were so caught up running own careers they barely noticed they had a sister. Mum and Dad had owes been the busy social queen and king. Her family wasn’t necessarily bad people, they just weren’t close to each other or to her coz thing’s changed as time went by and she found lil’ comfort in their relationship. (Just feel that thing’s changed once u’re grown up)

The gals in Uni were good frens, but they owes tsk-tsking her behavior, and what Dodo needed was someone who could love her just for being her. Someone who could appreciate – no, cherish – unique view of the world.

It was the only thing in life she had ever wanted. And it seemed to be the thing she might spend a lifetime looking for.

Shifting down into third gear, Dodo drove around and changed her destination. Forget about goin bck to her place, she needed to cut loose tonite and the sooner she picked up Chris, the sooner she could set herself free.
Part 2 End
Part3 Start
It wasn’t Chris’s fault she had been blessed with great genes. The two of them couldn’t go any place that guys didn’t embarrass themselves tryin to impress Chris. Of coz, Chris wouldn’t stick with her fren while a bunch of hot hunks were salivating for the model-thin buxom babe!

Slamming the car door, Dodo caught sight of herself in the window. It didn’t help that the streetlights behind her reflected poorly against the bright colors of her summery dress. Jeez, she thought, I look like a troll. (Damn hate my body and everything. I am short n fat!!! N n n … my eyes!!!)

Lifting herself up on her tiptoes, she sucked her stomach in. No no .. It didn’t help. Ish ish ish … She was short and curvy, a lil’ handful of a babe, with a chic, messy mop of dark-brown-black hair and hazel small eyes with just the barest hint of color to them. She didn’t usually have trouble hooking up with an interesting prospect when they out together, but sometimes, compared to Chris’s statuesque beauty, Dodo felt like the B-Team. Sighs … so sad.

She looked at her eyes … like her mum had. How many times had her mum mourned on the fact that poor Dodo had been cursed with Grandma’s genes heh? Maybe eye job would help?? Dodo made fun of at her reflection as she tried to make her eyes look bigger. On second thought, maybe I should arrange for a full head transplant. Ahhh heck! What was she worried about anyway? She was cute. Granted she didn’t get as many guys as Chris, but she had more than her share. And there was nothing wrong with her eyes.

She grabbed her small purse and started for her front door. Dodo had only taken a step when she decided she didn’t wanna go in right away. No, not when she felt like this. Alone. Tired. Discouraged. For a gal of twenty-two, she felt ancient. If only she knew what she wanted to do with her life, perhaps that would help. All of her frens had owes known what they wanted, and they had headed straight for it. But not Dodo.

She wanted her life to mean something, but she was completely clueless as to what something was. And she so easily distracted by her own amusements, it was hard for her to concentrate on figuring out what her life should mean.

Stop it, Dodo, and I mean now!! No more pity-party!! What is wrong with u??!!

Pivoting on her feet, she headed back toward the street. There were things to see and hot hunks to do, and right now she was gonna head off toward the Club and see if *Tut* was playing tonite.

Life was too short to be miserable and alone and she was finally in the mood to corner *Tut* once and for all.

It was only a short stroll to the club, but the place was completely packed. Fact is that *Tut* wasn’t even playing.

“Just perfect,” Dodo mumbled. “A perfect end to a perfect day.”

Depressed and ready to giv up on the nite, she turned to leave and walked straight into a wall of hard muscle. Dodo opened her mouth to apologise as she looked up the tall, lean body and into the electric big eyes she’d been longing for.

“Hi,” *Tut* said, cracking that half smile that made her legs weak.

Dodo realized her hands were pressed against wonderfully hard pecs. She wondered for a second how long would be too long to linger like this. Reluctantly, she pulled her hand away and returned his smile. “Hi,” she repeated, too frightened by the feel of him juz millimeters away to come up with anything more brilliant to say.
Part3 End
Thanks DODO for contributing
Many thanks from Myst3


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