Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dinner @ Kopitim

It's Dinner time!
My friends and I went to KOPITIM (shouldn't it be KopiTiam?) the other night for dinner.
Kopitim serves Malaysian cruisine and is pretty famous among us malaysian.
The food are quite Malaysian Style, but the prices aren't.
For example, a roti canai cost $A 7 ++ (approx. RM 20) and that's ridiculously expensive.
we had
1. Kadazhan Chicken? (I've put a question mark cos i can't quite remember the name)

2. Curry Fish

3. Beef Rendang

4. Stir Fried Kang Kong


They are all $A10 - $A15 per dish

1. The food were quite alright. You can really "taste" Msia from those food.
2. These food are quite ordinary and common in Msia


Antabax said...

kopitim ? kopitiam ? lol wut ? anyway, the food looks nice.

dodo said...

haha..kopitim instead of kopitiam huh? wat a lark! hey. ur that beef rendang damn tempting man! *slurp slurp - saliva's dropping* kangkung? haha..nv like kangkung and fish. Hey, have u tried the kangkung rojak? i thought that's only available in Sarawak. Bet that u shd have tried one b4 d heh.

Michael Song said...

when u coming back myst? i will bring u to the real MALAYSIAN food, and not to mention PARTY the malaysian way!!!

clement said...

ha ha, i am afraid to eat spicy stuff already, it's like laxative to me

Myst3 said...

Antabax:Kopitiam is coffee shop in Hokkien.

dodo:i haven't tried kangkun rojak, is it the one with squid and kang kung? if that's wat ure talking about then yes, i tried them, but if you're talking about other stuff. Don't think i try before! Next time, you bring me, ok..deal!

Michael: soon...soon...u'll see me real soon! can't wait to eat and party in msian style

Clement: I've just found your medication in case u're constipation!