Monday, July 30, 2007

Are you Interested?

~Lonely, I am so lonely, I have nobody, all my own~
Akon's Lonely song playing Background
Before you read this entry, please download the song and play it at the background
I am desperately looking for love(*am pulling a Steven Lim Stunt)!
I have submitted my profile shown below for a famous matchmaker agent.
Finger crossed that they can find me a girlfriend.
I do weight training on a daily basis
Into designer brands and I love to dance

A social drinker, and I love to party Hard

We're fun guys ready for action

I am outgoing and people say I'm the life of the party

People say I'm up front...where did I put that other sponge?

I am happy-go-lucky and a snappy dresser

People say it's my enchanting smile that attracts people

I am a hard worker,
I am into DIY projects and thinking of starting my own Home Handy Man business

I am a bit of a wallflower at parties and I don't think People take much notice of what I am saying when I am talking to them.

My girlfriend will be the wind beneath my wings

I could be a little too hip for you with my new hairdo
I consider myself a fairy fairly conservative guy and take pride in my appearance

Interested in dating me?
Just ring
1800 Myst3

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True Love said...

geee.... @#$#%$$$??