Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are you a request collector?

Dodo: I’ve sent you invite for the game in facebook, have you not receive them?

Me: er…let me check my facebook….

*after checking facebook

Me: I don’t know which one, I have so many

Dodo: How many?

Me: over a thousands requests.

Dodo: -.-

Are you a requests collector too?

Tom Yam Incident


FAMILY: What are you having for dinner?

Me: THIS *show them a packet of maggie mee

FAMILY: what’s that? New Maggie flavour in Australia?

Me: huh!? What!?

*FAMILY lean towards the monitor to figure out what it is.
After a while

Then I figured they were looking at the reversed image of my tom yam maggie.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last couple of weeks, I’ve set myself a mission.

I would like to tell you all that

Yes I have succeed!!!!!

How did I do it?

Well, there’s couples of way to do it, as followed:-

I could beg all my friends and family to get me one, but then again I figure begging is not really my thing.

2.Win an Ipod Competition
If I goggle “win an ipod”, I’ll get lots of results too, all I could do is to fill in as many competitions online as possible, and hoping that I win one. I thought to myself what are the chances? So I ditched the plan.

3.Share investment
Seems like a good idea. So I had a go ahead with this plan to get myself a free ipod. The problem with this plan is that I don’t have much money to invest in shares. I've decided to loan some money from the bank for shares

Share investment was decided to get myself a free ipod.

These are the date of event of what happened.

20th October 2008 – Monday
Talked to the bank, applied for a loan (BT Margin Loan for shares), and applied for e-broking for shares.

04th November 2008 – Wednesday
Got everything approved, got my paper from the bank. Could buy shares but reframed myself from doing so, the timing was not right.

07th November 2008 – Friday
Began buying frenzy,


480 Units of BHP shares @ $27.12/units

355 Units of MQG shares @ $29.08/units

10th November 2008 – Monday


ALL BHP sold for $29.69/unit ($2.57 increase per unit)


ALL MQG sold for $31.20/unit ($2.12 increase per unit)

TOTAL PROFIT for 4 hours

11th November 2008 – Tuesday
Got my money, got my free ipod. YAY!!!! Not too bad for 4 hours of clicking.

Final thought:
they say: ‘Financial Crisis? Credit crisis?”

I say “ WHAT CRISIS??”

I can now justify myself of getting IPOD.YAY

Disclaimer: This is only a guide, myst3 is not liable for any losses. If you don’t know what you are doing, do not attempt to even touch shares, I can assure you that you WILL LOSE A LOT OF MONEY. Shares are not suitable to hold for long term due to its volatility, because it still shows a down ward trend even in 2 months period. Timing to buy and sell are also important. just moment later when i sold all MCQ shares, the price slide further down closing at $29.50.

To illustrate how volatile the shares are at the moment, here's some recent closing price

11th November

BHP = $27.80, MQG = $26.75

12th November

BHP= $28.30, MQG = 26.95

p/s: Happy birthday to me!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Ccccc combo breaker

There's always a ccccc combo breaker.
click for larger

Obama's Problem

Potential problem with Obama presidency

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Congrats to my old friend


Im so confident he wins that

Im POSTING THIS before the actual result!!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hamster on a Piano

I watched this last night,
I went to work thinking of this song,
I came home, watching it again
can't seem to get the song out of my head
it's catchy and its cute.
I like.
i hope you like
Make love not war!

Happy Halloween Guys - Spooky

The picture was taken on a mobile phone
the little girl you see crying refused to go into the group as she said the little boy was scaring her,
thinking very little of her tantrum the little girls mum(who took the picture)
later discovered what the little girl was crying for.

Look closely at about Knee high between the 2nd and 3rd girl in from the left.

That I suspect is the reason the little girl was crying.
*click for larger Pic
So, Happy Halloween to you from Myst3

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Myst3's Cuisine

Time for some home cooked meal.

decided to make something for me-self.

These are the pics.
First boil a pot of water, put spaghetti pasta in.

let it simmer a bit as pasta takes longer time to cook than instant noodle. (approx. 15-20 minutes)

Boil the hell out of the pasta

Slice some meat, in this case i've used beef. A man gotta has his meat!

put it into the same boiling pot, and once again, boil the hell out of the beef.

Prepare some vegetables, a balance diet is a healthy diet. I've used long bean

Vegetable should be boiled at the last minute. Half cooked vegetable retains vitamin more than cooked vegetable (myth or facts?, u tell me)

Use tomato sauce.

Put some kicap (soya sauce), some chicken stock for flavouring.

Using a strainer, drain pasta, beef and vegetable, and put them on the plate.

Put a bit more tomato sauce on top. and voila~
Final product.

Final thought:


Should have stick with instant noodle.

on a different note,

Here's a pic of my failed attempt of O-Jien (Oyster Ommelette)

Suxks also.