Saturday, November 1, 2008

Myst3's Cuisine

Time for some home cooked meal.

decided to make something for me-self.

These are the pics.
First boil a pot of water, put spaghetti pasta in.

let it simmer a bit as pasta takes longer time to cook than instant noodle. (approx. 15-20 minutes)

Boil the hell out of the pasta

Slice some meat, in this case i've used beef. A man gotta has his meat!

put it into the same boiling pot, and once again, boil the hell out of the beef.

Prepare some vegetables, a balance diet is a healthy diet. I've used long bean

Vegetable should be boiled at the last minute. Half cooked vegetable retains vitamin more than cooked vegetable (myth or facts?, u tell me)

Use tomato sauce.

Put some kicap (soya sauce), some chicken stock for flavouring.

Using a strainer, drain pasta, beef and vegetable, and put them on the plate.

Put a bit more tomato sauce on top. and voila~
Final product.

Final thought:


Should have stick with instant noodle.

on a different note,

Here's a pic of my failed attempt of O-Jien (Oyster Ommelette)

Suxks also.


Anonymous said...

lol i'd send you maggi mee if you've asked me to.

Dodo said...

haha.. my carbonara is better than urs still. Come back this cny, lai.. let dodo yang cook ya some of those spaghetti d. LOL

dude101 said...

prepare in advance. soak your pasta an hour or so earlier, so when it takes 5min or so to get it properly cooked.

As for pasta sauce, need to mix it up with peppers (black preferred) and garlic, stir up over a hot pan. Simple and yummy. Can add your off-shelf sardines too, bit of onions...