Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last couple of weeks, I’ve set myself a mission.

I would like to tell you all that

Yes I have succeed!!!!!

How did I do it?

Well, there’s couples of way to do it, as followed:-

I could beg all my friends and family to get me one, but then again I figure begging is not really my thing.

2.Win an Ipod Competition
If I goggle “win an ipod”, I’ll get lots of results too, all I could do is to fill in as many competitions online as possible, and hoping that I win one. I thought to myself what are the chances? So I ditched the plan.

3.Share investment
Seems like a good idea. So I had a go ahead with this plan to get myself a free ipod. The problem with this plan is that I don’t have much money to invest in shares. I've decided to loan some money from the bank for shares

Share investment was decided to get myself a free ipod.

These are the date of event of what happened.

20th October 2008 – Monday
Talked to the bank, applied for a loan (BT Margin Loan for shares), and applied for e-broking for shares.

04th November 2008 – Wednesday
Got everything approved, got my paper from the bank. Could buy shares but reframed myself from doing so, the timing was not right.

07th November 2008 – Friday
Began buying frenzy,


480 Units of BHP shares @ $27.12/units

355 Units of MQG shares @ $29.08/units

10th November 2008 – Monday


ALL BHP sold for $29.69/unit ($2.57 increase per unit)


ALL MQG sold for $31.20/unit ($2.12 increase per unit)

TOTAL PROFIT for 4 hours

11th November 2008 – Tuesday
Got my money, got my free ipod. YAY!!!! Not too bad for 4 hours of clicking.

Final thought:
they say: ‘Financial Crisis? Credit crisis?”

I say “ WHAT CRISIS??”

I can now justify myself of getting IPOD.YAY

Disclaimer: This is only a guide, myst3 is not liable for any losses. If you don’t know what you are doing, do not attempt to even touch shares, I can assure you that you WILL LOSE A LOT OF MONEY. Shares are not suitable to hold for long term due to its volatility, because it still shows a down ward trend even in 2 months period. Timing to buy and sell are also important. just moment later when i sold all MCQ shares, the price slide further down closing at $29.50.

To illustrate how volatile the shares are at the moment, here's some recent closing price

11th November

BHP = $27.80, MQG = $26.75

12th November

BHP= $28.30, MQG = 26.95

p/s: Happy birthday to me!


just apple said...

omg u got an iPod Classic! it's freaking cool..the capacity is damn huge!!! gimme gimme!

kennhyn said...

I have to said, for 4 hours.....u get an ipod....damn...I should try also...cheers!!!

cynthia said...

Hi Myst3,

I will get Kian to review the MacPro after my Viva Voce (intern registration exam)

He loves it alot! I think I'm slow being replaced =P

Anonymous said...

To buy shares on CONTRA and with a LOAN is a very bad idea.

You were very lucky.

Myst3 said...

Anonymous:I do have to agree with you! Shares are serious business and shouldn't take lightly. I did my homework and try my best to minimize my loss if any, but i was lucky. thanks for the advice thou.