Monday, May 31, 2010

Tiger Woods New Advertisements

Tiger Woods New Advertisements after the scandal exploded into the media.

Tiger Woods + Nike + Scandal = Priceless



tiger woods pic17624 tiger wood hilarous tiger wood scandal advertisement tiger wood just do it hilarous pic26781 tiger wood cheating add pic26350

Hows your Car Parking

These are some hilarious note left when you don’t park ur car properly!!!!

Funny parking note parking notes leave a note on car car park note hilarious parking note park your car properly note angry car parking note consequences of parking fuck you parking note pic54950

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Possum Attack

I know this is getting a bit dry since i have been blogging this multiple times.

alright fine. my life is boring then.  got nothing to blog about.


i spotted another possum again.

i heard leaves rustling outside, took my camera and rushed out.

Saw two little possums.

One ran away when i was trying to approach.

the other one just sit still there.

i got close.

snap two pics.IMG_0299

Look at the nails man.. damn long ok.



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

When the clock strikes 12, it’s mother’s day!

mothers day yellow flower 2 How are you going to celebrate mother’s day? 

Unfortunate for me, I can’t do much other than giving her a phone call.

What would be an ultimate mothers day celebration for me?

Brining her to dinner.

not something fancy

not something expensive

something more heart warming.mothers day yellow flower

kind of sad that i am not able to celebrate with her.  its been so many years apart and although i do see her once twice a year, but i still want her to be around all the time. Not my mum only, every single member of my family. 

I just miss family gatherings so much….



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making Money

A lot have asked me how i made my money

malaysian ringgits.




i’ve told them








with the right amount of chemical and the right paper you can make a lot..




DSC08724 DSC08719 DSC08720 DSC08723

Due to security reason and legal issues…..

im not going to write how monies are made…



drop me an email or something…and i’ll tell you.



it takes 15 days to make this lota lot of malaysian ringgits  lots of malaysian ringgits RM


Funny malay essay

funny malay bahasa melayu kerangan enjoy

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Revelation

Words of Anger
Words of Jealousy
Words of Hatred
Can you Feel my heart beat?
The world is a spider web of
Abused relationships,
People gossiping
Conspiring Everywhere,
Fucked up marriages
Betrayal Most foul.