Friday, November 30, 2007

Election Day

24th November 2007 was our Australian election day. It is a law/requirement for all Australian to vote, or else $50 dollar fine will be implied to those who didn’t vote. I guess the fine was there to urge Australian to be responsible to choose who their leader be for the next 4 years. I mean look at the state, when there’s no law on voting, they get Bush (opps).

Anyway, I got my sources (*wink wink) that my name was recorded into the data base this year. So, for me not get the 50 dollar fine, I have to vote this year. To be honest with you, I am really not into politics, and I couldn't’t care less about voting. I dragged my self on a Saturday morning, bought a cup of coffee and went to vote.

Upon arrival to the voting venue, posters were everywhere to promote their campaign.
Flyers were handed out to further promote particular parties

People were "busy" votingEven Batman came to vote too

Here's my voting poll. Thank goodness for the coffee!

Result came in the following night.
This my friend, is our New Prime Minister of Australia,
Kevin Rudd

This is our ex-PM,
John Howard

Voting to avoid getting $50 dollars fine - TICKED OFF!!!!

This voting "guide" was forwarded to me before the election day, so might as well post it here.

For Alternative Voters

For Generation Y Voters

For Average Working Voter:

For the Young Central Business District Voters

For the Grey Voters

and lastly for the Rural Voters
P/s: hehe! you can't photoshop politician image in some country (e.g. Malaysia)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Iron Crotch

I find this video amazingly funny but yet painful at the same time.
I wonder if this skill has any purposes?

Flight or Fantasy

Run or rapture,
Flight or fantasy!
If I can just stare the mongrel down for another 30 seconds...
Bloody hell....this is serious,
What does a guy do??

New Workstations

Sick of your own cubicle??
Build your own office out of Cardboxes


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Advertisement at its Best

Hampshire Police thought it would be a good idea to advertise on the rear of the bus. Their planning however did not take into account the position of the exhaust pipe.

Graphic Designer

This is what happen if your father is a graphic designer

Cute huh

Kids Books That Never Made It

These are great!
Kids Books that Never Made it
"Fanny Loves Seamen"

"Dick Spanks the monkey"

"Fanny has a sore pussy"

"Fanny Shaves her beaver"

"Dick has a tug"

"Dick admires his neighbour's bush"

"Dick gets his cock out"
Oddly enough, my friends decided to buy me one of these printed boxer for my birthday present many years ago.
very funny!!

Kispy Kreme Calender

Krispy Kreme just came out with their new calender,

The concept behind the new calender is that they used their most loyal 12 female customers as their models.

here is the result.

Go ahead!

Have another Krispy Kreme Donut.

You might be one of them next year.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

WII - Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Look at what I got my hands onto.

It's a Wii - Weeeeee (I just can't help it to add the weeeee after saying Wii)Nice Packaging
OH - Wii Sport is included into the whole package

My PS2 is standing behind sobbing, because I have abandoned him.
Comes with a pair of controller

Reminder Screen

Wii Sports

Tennis - my fav game among 4 of the games in Wii Sport


1. Advance technology, like the controller sensor, like it when the controller actually vibrates a bit when trying to select an item from menu. I like it also when speakers were built into the controller.

2. As for value of money - no offense, but I will not spend $A399 for it. Most I would pay is about $A150-200. Maybe it is because of the game that I've got. The game is boring, childish, and non-challenging. E.G. The tennis game - you can just sit there, and shake it a bit when the ball is near you. Meaning that you don't have to stand up and pretend you're actually hitting the ball or holding the tennis racket (like those shown in advertisement).

3. The Wii is not mine, I was initially planning to buy one, but not anymore. It's too overrated. PS2, I still love you! Mind you, having said that, Chicks might dig this machine (lack of hand mind coordination, perhaps!!??!!), the game is simple, easy to play, and....well... stupid fun to play.

Pls note: I went back to my ps2 after just 2 days Wii. My heart would be aching if I paid $A399 for Wii.