Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kids Books That Never Made It

These are great!
Kids Books that Never Made it
"Fanny Loves Seamen"

"Dick Spanks the monkey"

"Fanny has a sore pussy"

"Fanny Shaves her beaver"

"Dick has a tug"

"Dick admires his neighbour's bush"

"Dick gets his cock out"
Oddly enough, my friends decided to buy me one of these printed boxer for my birthday present many years ago.
very funny!!


Kate said...

wow where did they find the boxer? so cute! do you actually wear it? it looks kinda too small for you XD

Anonymous said...

LOL where did u get all those pic on dick and pusss?

Mary Smith said...

Dick and Fanny were characters of an on-line video game. Chock o block full of double entendre. You would shoot giz on fanny and one of them was like the game snake from the old phones but they were penises. It was awesome I miss it