Friday, November 30, 2007

Election Day

24th November 2007 was our Australian election day. It is a law/requirement for all Australian to vote, or else $50 dollar fine will be implied to those who didn’t vote. I guess the fine was there to urge Australian to be responsible to choose who their leader be for the next 4 years. I mean look at the state, when there’s no law on voting, they get Bush (opps).

Anyway, I got my sources (*wink wink) that my name was recorded into the data base this year. So, for me not get the 50 dollar fine, I have to vote this year. To be honest with you, I am really not into politics, and I couldn't’t care less about voting. I dragged my self on a Saturday morning, bought a cup of coffee and went to vote.

Upon arrival to the voting venue, posters were everywhere to promote their campaign.
Flyers were handed out to further promote particular parties

People were "busy" votingEven Batman came to vote too

Here's my voting poll. Thank goodness for the coffee!

Result came in the following night.
This my friend, is our New Prime Minister of Australia,
Kevin Rudd

This is our ex-PM,
John Howard

Voting to avoid getting $50 dollars fine - TICKED OFF!!!!

This voting "guide" was forwarded to me before the election day, so might as well post it here.

For Alternative Voters

For Generation Y Voters

For Average Working Voter:

For the Young Central Business District Voters

For the Grey Voters

and lastly for the Rural Voters
P/s: hehe! you can't photoshop politician image in some country (e.g. Malaysia)


Anonymous said...

LOL... Batman one is cute. Haha for the rest. :D

Michael Song said...

myst... u cant compare a 1st world country to a third world country like malaysia lar... kita BOLEH!!! my foot lar...

phingy said...

LOL interesting guide =D

Myst3 said...

Mack.Tab, Michael, Phingy - thanks for the comment. hey michael...msia is not 3rd world country lar.....remember this...WAWASAN 2020...wuhahahaha