Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dinner @ Goodwood Park Hotel 2nd Visit

It's Dinner time.
This time we went back to Goodwood Hotel Again.

These were what we ordered


Oysters Kilpatrick
Crispy bacon with chef's own kilpatrick sauce

How much?


Warm Chicken Salad
Roasted chicken fillet tossed with mesculin lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, roast capsicum, cucumber, Spanish onion and a sweet chilli vinaigrette

How much?

Fish and Chips
Lightly beer battered butter fish served with chips, salad, fresh lemon wedges and tartare sauce

How much?


1. The food were all fantastic and worth the value.

2. Yours truly is just not a big fan of oyster. The reason of Kilpatrick Oysters was because they were slightly cooked, but to me, I still can taste the rawness in those oysters. Eugh~~! Just not a big fan of fresh oysters.

3. After consuming the whole plate of the fish and chips, I just feel a bit sick of it. I guess it's reasonable, look at it, they are all deep fried food. I shouldn't have ordered the whole plate of deep fried food. Other than that, the fish was fresh and taste good.

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