Sunday, November 18, 2007

BDay Dinner @ Kowloon Cafe

As you all might know it already, it was my Bday last week.
I brought some friends to dinner as part of my bday celebration.
We went to Cafe Kowloon.
Sorry about the name of the dishes, I don't remember any of them, cos I initially was not planning to post my celebration up.
Since Alvin asked for it,
"Why Not Hey!!"
Here you go! Enjoy
1. Some sort of Kang Kong
2. KK - Krispy Khicken (KK-Yum!)
3. Crabmeat Egg White with vinegar (the york is normally full, don't know wat happened there)
4. Roast Duck
5. KFC - Krispy Fish Crunch (hehe)
6. Tomato Egg Plant
7. Sweet and Sour pork
8. Beef hot pot
9. Pork Leg
10. Cold Malaysian coconut Jelly cake


1. ALL YUMMY FOOD - I LOVE AZIAN FOOD, I like it when there are variety type of foods on the table.

2. I didn't pictured the 3 dishes which came out quite late. I was hungry.

3. Each dish costs between $A10 - $A19.

4. They were all perfect because it was my bday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again myst3!

Michael Song said...

happy birthday november myst3... hehehehe