Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lunch @ Sushi Train

Let me start off by singing
WONG YI FEI's Famous Song
"1 million dollars"
"na si wa wu jit pak ban" - if I have 1 million dollars
"jit pun jiak sushi"- eat sushi in japan

Just like wat CK wrote
We don't have to go to JAPAN for sushi!!

Anyway, couple of my friends and I went to SUSHI TRAIN for sushi the other day. These were the food we had. Enjoy!

Oh! Sorry about the lame transalation, I couldn't bother to remember all the sushi's name. e.g unagi, utagi, watever gi, watever ton..etc

- Crunchy fish fillet topped with crunchy rice puff-
(some puffs fell into the sauce)

-Squid Ball- this is good!

- Crabstick Roll -

-Eel Rice Roll-

-Salmon Rice Roll-

-Mayo Corn sushi-

-Calamari coated with cavier sushi-
(some sort of sea weed were hanging there)

-Smoked Salmon Roll-

-Fresh Sliced Salmon-

-Deep Fried Chicken Fillet Pieces-

-Miso Soup-

-Smoked Scallop Roll-
-Shark Fin Roll-

Pricing - $A2.50 - $A7.50, depending on the colour of the plate

1. Raw Food - not my type of food
2. Not really a big fan of sushi
3. Overall it's alright! Quite authentic too, chefs working there are all japanese.
4. Love the waitress though!


Anonymous said...

u make me so 'lau nua' TMD! :D

Dodo said...

Jane's fast in reading ur new entry huh. jeez man!!! i love the balls!! erm. ok. sorry. i mean Squid balls.