Thursday, December 6, 2007

Falling Guy

I have no idea why!!!I find the falling guy amusing and funny.
I have watched it 5 times and I laughed every single time.
The background music is pretty catchy too
Maybe I lead an extremely boring life.
Tell me what you think ya!
You've gotta watch the whole falling journey


Anonymous said...

woww... it's the best way to de-stress... by watching the falling guy. I seriously love it :D

Dodo said...

erm... still find nothing funny about it wor, yang. tell me leh. which is the part that makes u laugh? i watched it over n over again but still.. erm... ???? duh! hehe. sorry. probably im different gua. somehow ur diarrhea video did make me laugh for a while lah. hehe...

Kate said...

which is the funny part? so stupid XD

pmc said...

i so hard thinking WTF? LMAO


~em~ said...

haha.. i watch it a few times.. and it really cheered me up! lol.. i can sleep better now. haha