Monday, December 10, 2007

LG U990 LG Viewty

I’ve got a new phone!!
I have been thinking of buying a new phone for quite some time now.
And I have finally got it!
It’s an LG U990 or LG Viewty Phone.
It’s a touch screen 5 mega pixels camera phone.
Before this phone came out, I was thinking of getting the Sony Ericsson W910i, but decided not to, as the phone’s 2mp was a letdown.

I love pop up picture. These are everything in the box.

I just love it how everything fits inside the box. Here's the front and back view of the phone.

Review Comments:

1. The phone is about the same size as my old nokia 6280

2. I like black and i like the metal casing of the phone

3. The touch screen is something new to me, it does take time to get used to it. The phone allows you to choose from a vibration or a sound feedback. I do admit these feedbacks does help a lot in the adoption of using the touch screen. After some time of practicing (a day) I kinda mastered the skill of touch screen.

4. I find this phone and the LG shine difficult to use under the sun. It is pretty much impossible to see the screen under the sun. It transformed into a mirror type screen once there's direct sunlight. It works perfectly well under the shade

5. I do find the phone a bit hard to hold while using, it just doesn't have a good grip on the phone.

6. In terms of phone's function, this phone doesn't have as much functions as most nokia's phones. That's why it does bring LG some bad reputation of LG is not user friendly.

7. This phone has the most powerful camera capability compared to any other current camera phone on the market. With ISO100-800, Image Stabilizer, Bright flash and 5MP lens, it makes it more like a camera than a phone. Oh yeah. Not forgetting the 120Frame persecond filiming, enable user to record high speed action and view it in slow mode.

8. It is funny how the phone has such strong camera capability but, they didn't allow some sort of cover to protect the lens.

9. It is impossible to keep the front screen clear at all time. It will be smeared with finger prints all over after just a single use.
Here's the Video


B said...

"hey .. im doing ok" hehe.. nice song huh. but whats with the simple plan song.. "im sorry i can't be perfect" ??? haha. i was laughing when i heard it. so .. u sound a lil regret of buying it huh. nah, its ok. aint that bad. hey.. the keypad.. why is it different from the one i saw it thru the image u showed to me??? this is a better one lah. the other day one seems ugly.

Anonymous said...

lol so cute eh you playing with your new handphone on cam. hehe! like it looks quite nice though. take care. :D

Innocent^^Guy said...

can i get one of those?