Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Blogger Friends

Since I’ve started this blog, I have met some wonderful people online. Although we haven’t met/know each other (for a certain degree), but I do seriously appreciate your company. Thank you guys for your responds. I had so much fun with you guys, and I really do appreciate every minute of it. I do apologize if I have hurt anyone unintentionally(it is not my intention to hurt anyone).
Alright, enough blabbering with my emotional side, let’s have as much fun as possible in the blog sphere.

First up, Jordan, thanks a lot for the tags. One side of me, I don’t like them at all, but on the other side, tags actually “force” me to reveal a little bit more of my personal side. This is good, as you (the reader) can understand me a tick bit more.
Let’s do this tag!

food you hate--->Raw food – e.g. Sashimi, medium cooked steak, Oyster

Fruits that you hate---> hmm..can't think of any!

Veggies that you hate---> Celery

Celebrities or people that you hate---> All pretentious people

Even/Incident/Situation that you hate--->All embarrass moments, e.g. stuttering while giving speech in front of people

TV Shows or Movies that you hate--->love you love me Taiwanese/HK dramas show (that’s why I don’t watch them at all)

Type of Music that you hate ---> love you love me taiwanese/HK songs (that’s why I don’t listen to them at all)

Household chore that you hate--->Washing dishes!

Things you hate about the world--->$$, money is the root of all evil.

Things you hate about yourself---> hard to say NO to friends.

Note: This is not to tag anyone, but a little acknowledgements to some bloggers

Kepo-Jane, thanks a lot for all those “meaningless” chats, so glad we have you! It makes it worthwhile at this hell-hole (aka Work) - Thanks for doing the tag!

Mischievous Allison-also Thanks for doing my tag among all the other tags, at least u still remember.

Calvin~ eat those Mashi when u’re Sienz!

ALvIn - Welcome to the world of RANT!

Kelly! The cheeky bastard didn’t try to get you drunk, the cheeky bastard just wanted you to have FUN!!! Bacardi 151 would have been bought if we really want to get the party started.

To all the people in blog sphere!!!!!


Michael Song said...

shit i miss the party... DAMN!!!

jane aka kepo said...

Thanks for being a mysterious guy... and thanks that you are you even though a mysterious friend among us... Hehehe!! fun having you as friend.

dodo said...

haha ..seems like u're soooo mysterious to them huh. y never they know about u one. haha ..i still remember the other day how these people from the Ks asked me about ur looks. Wahahaha ...seems like only me n Kelly knw about it huh. Cool! It's time to figure it out urself dudes! Ain't that hard to trace his identity wat. Hehe..

Bengbeng said...

money the root of all evil? i wouldnt some more :)

Bengbeng said...

sorry..correction..i wouldnt mind some more

Myst3 said...

Michael:Thanks for dropping by! The party just started!!

Jane: No...Thank you for providing so much fun for us!

Dodo: ah Dodo! More and more people found me!! sigh~ Myst3 aren't mystery anymore

Beng Beng:ah! what brings a big shot blogger like you to mine? hehe! isn't it wonderful if $$ don't exist and we all are equal? the purpose of life today are more or less evolve around $$, and it's sad!
"what you want to be when you grow up?" "i want to be doctor?" "good, u'll earn a lot of $$", "i want to be a taxi driver", then everyone stares at you like somethings wrong! I mean what's wrong being a taxi driver???