Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dinner @ Hog's Breath Cafe

It's Dinner time.
This time I went to Hog's Breath Cafe. What?
El Grande Prime Rib
Seared Prime Rib with cheese sauce, tomato salsa and sliced jalapenos, served with curly fries and salad.

$A 27.95
Hickory Smoked Prime Rib
Areal Tex-Mex flavour seared and topped with a hickory smoked BBQ sauce on the char grill lite cut served with baked potato and steamed vegetables

Price - $A19.95

1. The Steak and Rib are a bit overrated, and over priced.
2. Personally, I ordered my steak to be medium cooked, I was told that medium would be the optimum choice for the steak. But when I had my 1st slice through the meat, I saw blood(hmm). I know it is juicy and i know it is tender, but blood! for my personal preference, I should have asked for well done steak.

After dinner, we went to a convenient shop.
To my surprise I found this ice cream and it only cost $A1.60(cheap! FYI a Magnum ice-cream cost $A3.80).
I guess this shop is owned by Koreans.
it's a Korean corn flavour ice cream
Back view

How cute it is, right! The ice cream is covered by corn shaped wafer
Although it is a corn flavour ice cream, but i can't taste much corn in them.


Anonymous said...

The ice cream is so cute!

Such a nice idea :D

Sae Wei said...

the ice creams looks so nice... so yummy-licious man!!