Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Cleverest advertisement so far this Year

This is an advertisement from the yellow pages, until they realised that if you turned it upside down and covered the lady's head and the hand holding the glass, all was not as it seemed. The telephone company has now taken this ad out because of the content. Take a look at the first picture, and then the second picture(which is an inverted version of the first), watch as her face and the glass are covered - and see what you get.
P.S. Where do people find the time to read the Yellow Pages


mackerel tabby said...

what's the ads about? Flooring? Prost? :P

Hikari Reika said...

hahahaha "Laid by the best". subliminal message at its worst.. :D

Robb said...

Damn funny! Lol