Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Holiday - Malaysia

It has been a while since I last updated. Well, it’s because I WENT HOME!!! Home Sweet Home! I had lots and lots of food, had lots and lots of fun, and 3kg heavier is the end result! I am back in Australia now, but the memories of Malaysia still linger inside my head. “I WANT TO GO HOME FOR GOOD!” is what I’m thinking now, still I have to face the reality. There’s really no place like home.

Malaysia is a country where cheap labour are widely available, I kinda feel sorry for those who works so so so hard for so little money, especially for those indigenous and locals. On another hand, some Malaysian are filthy rich, driving Ferraris, Mercedes or those cars which have the same price as a house, and I thought petrol prices are hiking every single day.

I spent most of my holiday in Sibu, and Sibu is still my home. The foods are cheap and surprisingly delicious, thus spending most of my time in KOPITIAM. I spent most of the time on the road as well, helping my parents on their daily business errands. My life in Sibu is always on the go and I really don’t mind it because I have seen some interesting occurrences while running errands.

I appreciate local delicacy like roti canai, kampua mee, cendol or local kopitiam food than high end restaurant food and of course I loves my mum’s home cooking too. I would rather spent my money on kopitiam’s food, because these food are no where to be found in Australia. Alright enough writing, let the picture do the writing. (I went through my photos, realized that there’s too much to post up, I guess I will just post them up in next few posts)

Local Delicacy and Kopitiam’s Food
My usual Breakfast - Teh C Beng, Kampua, Chap Ton (mixed soup)

Variety of Drinks - Teh C Peng
Chinese Tea Peng
Teh C
Kampua Buak Lat - Kampua with Chili
Kampua Buat Tou You (Kampua Soy sauce)Kampua Ba (kampua without soy sauce or chili)Chap Tong (mixed soup) Cha Mien (Fried Noodle)
Roti Canai
Kom Pian - Foo Chow "donut"
More holiday photo soon


mackerel tabby said...

You are more foochow than me. I only love kampua with tau yu without tau yu is no no no... and that's teh c 3 layer. too sweet :D

Seizhin said...

Wow, sure is good to go back to your hometown once in a while!

clement said...


blindtape said...

Where is bian nu buat tao you!!

Myst3 said...

I am super foo chow…..yay!