Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dinner @ NU THAI

Went to NU THAI the other day for dinner.
Pictures shown below are what we had that night.

Alright, we obviously didn’t “eat” the statue, just some décor in the restaurant. Authentic, made me feel like I was in THAILAND!!!!

Our entrée: Prawn + coconut + some sort of leave (and it’s not mint). Roll them up using the leave and eat it together. Sorry bout the lame description because I didn’t get to read the menu prior ordering. My friend is the cook over there so we basically just asked him to cook us a meal.

Tom Yum Soup – Nar….I had better elsewhere!

Thai stir fry beef


Curry – Hmmm….I still like the one in Café Michael 2

Pud Thai – Special ain’t it?

Of all the food we had that night, my personal favourite will still be the ENTREE! The sweetness(Coconut), the spiciness(Thai Sauce), the bitterness (the leave), it was like thousand of thai people dancing in my mouth. IT WAS THAT GOOD! But too bad I don't know what it was called!


Anonymous said...

i probably wud like to check that one up. sounded nice eh!

ahlost said...

so hungry looking at these pics :P