Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trip down to central market

Last few weekends ago, like the usual weekend, I had a trip down to central market. Central market is a place where I get cheaper than supermarket poultry, vegetables and fruits. When prices come in cheaper of course the quality will suffer (in most cases) – in terms of quality of vegetables and fruits. I do sometimes prefer to pay more for better quality fruits. I only have a simple conclusion after years of buying from supermarket and central market, which is “the more you pay, the fresher they get”.

Anyway these were the photo snapped during my trip down.
Central market is a pretty popular grocery shopping for overseas student. During most Saturday especially, central market will be filled mostly by students. I do have to admit I’ve met more friends in central market than anyplace in my area.
"Hey Look!! Cheap MEAT leh...let's buy some for ba ku teh"
Summer is here,
Snapped up a beautiful tree
If it wasn't for the light pole, this photo would be so perfect to describe SUMMER
And a beautiful harley too.
Happy summering folks.


Michael Song said...

header changed!!! tis is one of the nicest ever... uhh... being a clubber urself, how come i seldom see the pictures of ur clubbing scene huh???

Anonymous said...

hey isn't it springtime ka? chinese new year usually in spring kan? :D the purple tree IS beautiful.

Ai-Ra said...

such a lovely tree...where is it actually? love the colour..