Sunday, January 13, 2008


This is a post about “the not too spectacular food that I’ve had” or “the food that I’ve had but forgot what it is called”.
First up,
Oporto – Big Breakkie

Bacon, eggs, grilled tomato, hash brown and toast.
Picture obtained from the Oporto website.

Ordered the same thing but i got this!!!

Marketing gimmick huh!!! Look how different they both looked!!? But this meal was superbly amazing (after a big night of boozing)! Just what I need after long night of partying. The bacon, the hash brown were too salty though!!.

Fried Kueh Tiew

at Singma – Southern Cross Food Court.

Comment!!?? It’s cheaper to eat in Malaysia or Singapore.

Pork Rib Noodle Soup

at Market Plaza Food Court China town

Look Nice doesn’t it!!?

The Elephant Pub
Chicken Schnitzel with mushroom sauce

Comment: I couldn’t finish the chicken, have got me off chicken schnitzel for a long time. I guess they’ve used chicken breast making the chicken tough and dry.

Garlic Prawn served with Jasmine rice

Comment: Don’t understand why the papadum was there for!!?? Oh yeah..that’s a papadum in case you people don’t know. I was amazed with the shape, how do they cook it in that shape??

Beef Noodle Soup in a Vietnamese restaurant

Comment: Hmmmmm…..nice tender beef. They’ve put half cooked beef pieces in, and let the heat of the soup finish the rest of its job-thus the redness of the meat. Mix coriander, mint leaf, bean spout with some tangy lemon juice!!!! Woila…delicious noodle!

Café Primo
Fried Barramundi in creamy sauce

Chicken + 2 garlic prawn..!!

Plus a complimentary dessert – PANCAKE!!

There you have it…..A not too spectacular food post.


Innocent^^Guy said...

you ask me, i find myself hunting for chinese food in aus but hunting for western food in malaysia...weird but i think a lot of them are caught in this weird behavior as well...

Btw, I never hate Oporto!

Anonymous said...

hmmm i love the soupy one. reminds me of ox tail soup in curry house kuching. Those food looked more like mixed indian-chinese food. Delicious and yummy I'm now drooling! papadum yeah, been longing for that too, man.