Thursday, January 3, 2008

My 1st and 2nd attempts of roasting

What does xmas eve dinner without a turkey right?

So I went out and bought this.
Presenting you





In a box.
COLES turkey thigh roast

The turkey on the packaging looks really nice doesn’t it? Quite frankly, I bought the product because the meal on the packaging showed exactly what I want my xmas eve dinner to be. Together I bought some salmon, some prawn, some bread and some vegetables (carrot, sweet potatoes, potatoes and corn).

Still roasting
After nearly 3 hours of roasting (200 degree Celsius)…here are the end product. Enough to feed 6 persons.
The turkey taste alright, it wasn’t perfect but at least it was turkey. As you guys know, turkey meat are normally tasteless compare to chicken. My Salmon, bread, and corn on a different tray I was hoping it would look somewhat similar than those shown on the package, when I looked at my end product and looked at the packaging, they were totally different!!! One was darkish brown colour while the other was pinkish white xmas turkey!!! So much for the marketing gimmick hey!!
If I were to give my advise to people who wants to roast similar product, I would suggest turkey breast rather than turkey thigh.

Turkey part is finish!! Let’s go to the CHICKEN part (had the chicken dinner on a different occasion).
Chicken is far easier to roast compare to the turkey roll because it takes less time, and the flavors are far more acceptable than turkey. Instant mix chicken stuffing are widely available in supermarket. Just mix it up and stuff it inside the chicken.
45 minutes on one side, turn it and continue roasting for additional 30 minutes on 200 Celsius. Here’s the end product! It tasted far better than turkey!! It tasted so good that even Father Christmas came for a meal!!


Anonymous said...

LOL, u know how to enjoy urself huh? with turkey and chicken on Christmas eve. I don't have any... :(

Innocent^^Guy said...

haiya..just buy those readily roasted ones from woolworth or coles la..hahaha

back there in west end, near closing, the chicken for sale half price..3 aud 1 chick...hehe

naeboo~ said...

3 hours?????

what meat also dry la

Myst3 said...

@tabby: Chicken was for different occasion lar...turkey for eve!!!

Calvin:3bucks for a chicken?? wow!!! the cheapeast i bought was for 6 dollars! Anyway, roasting are only for experimental purpose!! never roasted anything before!

Naeboo: the instructions were written ROAST for 2 and a half hours at 190 degree. I went for 2hours and 50 minutes...!

But anyway folk....won't roast turkey or any form of meat for a long time lar..too troublesome!