Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dinner @ Cafe Michael 2

It's Dinner time,
We went to Cafe Michael 2, authentic Thai restaurant
Traditional Chili Squid with Vegetables

$A 18.90
Pork with Thai Basil and Vegetables

$A 17.90

1. By far the BEST, and the MOST authentic Thai dishes I have ever experienced for a long long time.
2. We have ordered another dish too, Red beef Curry with vegetables, coconut milk and spices ($A18.90), was too hungry to take photos.
3. It might look ordinary, but every little edible pieces are packed and infused with Thai spices.
4. Highly recommended! worth every single penny! Millions thumbs up.


生番薯 said...

look very normal only..but cost a lot when they serve at aus

^chinfatt^ said...

Myst!! where is IT!!!!!!...Bring me bring me~~~:p

Myst3 said...

Raw: Don't be fooled by the looks. It was fantastic, full of thai spice. SO SO good.

Chinfatt: here