Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dodo's Story (Final)

Author: Dodo (Doreen)

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Dodo rushed out to Chris.
Dodo: Well? What did he say?
Chris: He said he didn’t have a GF.
Dodo: Oh. Bullshit!
Chris: I know.
Dodo: And?
Chris: He said to tell u when u grew up to call him. He might be around.
Dodo: What da hell is tat supposed to mean?!!!
Chris: I don’t know. U’re the one who was with him the other night. I’m juz telling u wat he said.

Dodo glared out the window wishing she hadn’t stayed in the back after all. What she needed was to give the two-timing dog piece of her mind.

(Oh to hell with that. I don’t need the stress of it. I can do just fine by myself. I’m a strong woman, with a strong mind.)

Almost a month later, Dodo was feeling a lil better. Her face had started to heal more and some of the scars had already faded. Still there was a large bruise under one eye. And better still, she hadn’t needed a man to help her. She had done it all on her own. Yup, she was feeling better than she had in a long, long time.


*Tut* finished up his performance and made his way thru the crowd. Since he’d come back, things just hadn’t been the same. He was even more tired than he had been before. Something he would have thought impossible had he not been experiencing it. He couldn’t concentrate much on his music. But then he knew. He missed Dodo. He missed her craziness and just everything. He laughed as he remembered each jokes that Dodo told him the other night. Now that had been fun. Tossing back his drink, he realized how much he missed her. “U don’t need this crap,” He told himself. No he didn’t. He was a big boy with a-big-boy job and and a big-boy dreams. The last thing he needed was some half-baked chick screwing up his life. But then, when had life ever been about what he needed? He was a musician living a life a dream. Nope, his life was all about what he wanted. And right then, he wanted Dodo.

Dodo woke up to a lazy Saturday. Scratching her head, she poked around the kitchen looking for food. She poured her oat into a large big bowl, then added milk and drank the mixture.

Sitting down at the table, she flipped thru the paper. Nothing but crime about. And a long, boring weekend ahead. Ugh!! She couldn’t wait. She yawned as someone knocked her door. It was the flower boy who was there to deliver the flowers for Dodo.

Dodo closed the door and headed back to the kitchen. She was just about to send them to the same place as the last four million roses that Fred had sent when something made her stop. A strange feeling prickled the back of her neck and before she could stop herself, she looked at the small card.

I hope u get these. I’ve called u a million times n either the phone is busy or no one answers. Call me! *Tut*”

For a full min, she didn’t move. All she could do was stare at the note.
(Juz who the hell does he think he is? Anger rips thru me at the very moment. Call me?! Hah!)

Furious, she tossed the flowers in the trash and ground the card up in the garbage disposal. (Rot in hell! What an intolerable jerk!)

The phone rang. Without thinking, Dodo picked it up. “Hello?”
“Well, it’s about….”
She slammed her cell phone down as soon as she heard *Tut*’s voice.
The phone rang again. She answered it.
“Dodo?” *Tut* asked timidly.
“Bite me. Ugh!!” This time, she turned the ringer off and tossed her cell phone on the table.

Forty mins later, there was another knock on the door. Still seething, she didn’t bother to look thru the peephole. This time, she was sure it was flowers from Fred. Opening the door, she froze as she saw *Tut* standing in front of her. Oh but he looked good. He’d gotten some sun on his face and the warm breeze ran thru his dark hair. He had circles under his eyes as if he hadn’t slept much and that damn fresh scent of his blown toward her, reminding her juz how good he had felt in her arms.

Dodo let out a curse, then she slammed the door and shut. Or at least she tried to. Unfortunately, *Tut* had put his foot in the way. Furious, she leaned her weight against the door and struggled to close it with or without his foot there to block it.

“Lay off the freaking door before I break my foot,” *Tut* snarled, forcing her to open it wider. He entered her house limping.

*Tut*: U know, they make it look easy in the movies. But hell it’s NO k.”
Dodo: Get out! (She was looking around for a weapon.)
*Tut*: Look, we need to…. What happened to ur face?!!
Dodo: Get out!! (Dodo picked up one of her flowers off the table in her hall and throwing it at him)
*Tut*: Don’t! U’ll juz have to clean up the mess when I leave.

Dodo paused. But only for an instant before she threw it as well. At least cleaning up the mess would give her something to do. Before she could grab another batch of flowers, *Tut* caught her arms.

*Tut*: What’s wrong with u?
Dodo: U unbelievable bastard!!! U run off with some chicks named Jess and then juz show up here like ….
*Tut*: Jess?? Who’s Jess??

The confusion on his face was too real to be faked.

Dodo: Isn’t she ur GF?!
*Tut*: Hell no lah! The only Jess I know is my sis-in-law lah.
Dodo: Ur wat??!! Sis-in-law??? U mean u sleep with ur sis-in-law???!! Oh god, u’re even more disgusting than I thought of.
*Tut*: Oi! I don’t sleep with my sis-in-law. Juz what the hell is all this about anyway???
Dodo: When u didn’t call me on that day, I called ur office, n the receptionist I spoke to said u left town. She said u left a message for Jess to keep ur bed warm for u, u Bastard!!!
*Tut*: Hahaha… Dodo. Ms Ling our receptionist is such an idiot lar. U can’t listen to half of what she says. When I got to work on that day, I had a message from my agent. He had me booked a performance in Johor for two weeks.
Dodo: Wat??!
*Tut*: They had some other guitarist but he had to cancel at the last min. I didn’t even get a chance to pack. My agent ordered me outta door n even drove me to the airport. I tried to call u right before I boarded the plane but no one answered.
Dodo: Wat about Jess keeping ur bed warm??!!!
*Tut*: Remember I told u about Sam n his wife lived in Johor?

Vaguely Dodo recalled him mentioning it.

*Tut*: As soon as my agent told me I had to go to Johor, I called Jess n Sam to tell them I was coming. Sam was on duty and wasn’t home so I told Jess I’d be around 5. It wasn’t till we were on route to other places that I found out I wouldn’t be able to get to their house till 9 or so. I knew Jess would panic n call to look for me if I didn’t get to her house by 5 so I tried to call her back, but she’d already left for work. I then left a message for her to call my cell number. I was afraid either she would call it or u would while I was on the plane so I had the number forwarded to work. I told Ms Ling to tell Jess I would be late n to make sure I could get to the bed. They’ve got 3 kids n the guest room is usually piled to the ceiling with toys mah. Haih …I should have known Ms Ling would screw it up.

(Dodo bit her lips as she absorbed his excuse. Did she dare believe him? Is it true? Could it be really have been something so stupiak?)

*Tut*: U must have gone crazy when she told u tat huh. Gosh!
Dodo: U have no idea.
*Tut*: Ow!
Dodo: Y didn’t u call me? (She asked, still not sure if she should trust him.)
*Tut*: I tried at least 6 times a day. I never could get thru it.
Dodo: Well, I was in the hospital.
*Tut*: So I see. What happened?
Dodo: An accident.

Concern darkened his eyes as he gently traced the healing scar on her cheek.

*Tut*: Why didn’t u call to tell me?
Dodo: Coz I thought u’re with Jess lah.
*Tut*: Ugh!!! I’m gonna kill Ms Ling.

It was then Dodo knew he wasn’t lying. There was too much anger in his voice. Too much care in his eyes. He meant it. And in that moment, she felt as if she could fly. *Tut* cared! For some reason, she actually meant something to him.

*Tut*: I want u to know tat had I known about ur accident I would have hopped the next plane home. I can’t believe I wasn’t here. God, u look like u barely survived it.
Dodo: It’s alright lah.
*Tut*: Jeez man! I wish I’d known.
Dodo: Never mind lah. U’re here now. Tat’s better than not being here at all, right?

*Tut* leaned over and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. (Ow… isn’t that sweet?)

*Tut*: U had breakfast yet?”
Dodo: Not really.
*Tut*: Cmon, let me show u the great Chef Omelet. Hehe.
Dodo: I don’t need u to take care of me.
*Tut*: I know u don’t. U can definitely take care of urself. But u’re hurt and I wanna take of u.
Dodo: What about my scars?
*Tut*: I told u before, Dodo. I like u and it’ll take more than an idiot receptionist and a car accident to make me go away lah.
Dodo: Really?
*Tut*: Really lah.

And for the first time since she could remember, she let herself believe a man’s words. *Tut* led her into the kitchen where he set about making her breakfast. While she waited, Dodo sat down at her kitchen table n starting flipping thru the latest Cleo mag which Yy had given her in the hospital.

*Tut* poured her a glass of milk and brought it to the table. Feeling the hair on the back of her rise, Dodo looked up to see *Tut* staring at the ad with a frown on his “eng tao” face.

“What?!” She asked

He shook his head as he set her glass down in front of her.

Man, someone needs to give that chick a cheeseburger and make her eat it.
Dodo smiled. Yeap, it was definitely love she was feeling this morning. Here I again, she thought with a sigh. But something deep inside told her this time it might be different.

==========The End ===========


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dodo, I love your stories!!!

Come up with more soon!!!

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phew... i finally read all the story... dodo.. u really can become script writer... what a waste to become admin ppl...
Gambatte.... dodo...