Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dodo's Story (Continue 4)

Author: Dodo (Doreen)


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“Dodo? U hear me?”

Dodo came awake slowly to the sound of Yy’s commanding, somewhat irritated voice. At first, she thought she had fallen asleep at her desk again. Until she tried to move n couldn’t. Panicking, she opened her eyes and met Yy’s concerned look. Her throat was so sore tat she could barely swallow. The strong smell of antiseptic stung in her nose n she heard the beeps from a monitor over her left shoulder.

Looking around, she took in the small hospital room as well as the faces of Chris n her classmates who were crowded around her bed to see her.

“Oh thank God.” Chris breathed as she took Dodo’s right hand in hers. “We’re scared to death u’re in a coma or something ler.”

In tat instant everything came rushing back. Dodo remembered the car tat had cut them off n Fred yelling as he swung over into traffic. Worst of all, she recalled the bike skidding n falling n her body tumbling thru the air, then across pavement tat seemed to tear up her skin. The last thing she remembered was coming to rest beneath the front end of a car. Of staring up at an engine n feeling the heat of it on her face as sirens rang out in the background. N then everything had gone black.

“The guy u’re with is ok,” Chris told her. “He banged up his leg, but they sent him home a lil while ago.”

“Did I break anything???” Dodo asked.

Yy shook her head. “U hav a concussion n hit ur head pretty hard on the street. The doc wants to keep u here for a few days n juz to c how u’re doin before u go home alone.”

Everyone had been assuring her tat she’s alright n it wasn’t till the next morning tat Dodo fully understood their words. It wasn’t juz her head tat had been hurt. It was her face. N the doc explained cheerfully tat he assured Dodo tat he can do a nice job though she won’t quite look the way she did before the accident.

As his words filtered thru her mind, Dodo could feel the tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes. N she couldn’t even wipe them! Something tat was hard for a gal who prided herself on being self-sufficient.

*Tut* came off from the stage feeling re-energized. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this good about a performance.
(They had actually liked him! No, not juz liked, they had loved him. Man, a guy could get used to this. The only thing was me. If he could juz have me there to share it, it would be even better, right? Sighs….)

By the time *Tut* made it back to his apartment, he was exhausted. Man, how did rock bands manage such tours? It was hell on the body. He threw himself on his sofa n dialed Dodo’s number. The one good thing was that he had finally learned it by heart. Again it rang n the answering machine tat she set on her cell phone picked up. “Ugh!!!” he snapped, tossing the phone away. He was an attractive guy, he didn’t need to waste his time on some chick who couldn’t be bothered to even phone him once in a while. He had more important things to do. Leaning bck, he closed his eyes n pushed Dodo completely out of his thoughts.

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