Monday, August 6, 2007

MSN's Picture Confusion

Do I (refering to the picture below)
look like a camel?
The other day I was chatting with Alvin on MSN, and this was his MSN's display photo.
The Conversation:

Myst3RY says:
why do ya have a camel in ur msn?

Alvin... says:
camel? where?

Myst3RY says:
er..ur msn display picture?

Alvin... says:
that's a koala

Myst3RY says:
is that not a camel?

Myst3RY says: i see koala.....It looks like farking camel lying sideway on the floor

Alvin... says:

Myst3RY says:
dunno if you see it or not

Alvin... says:
hmmm.. dont see it, did you just smoke weed?
Alvin, this is why and how I saw a camel from the picture.
Anyone here see Camel rather than Koala?
Try standing back from the screen, and blur your focus.
Maybe it's just me getting old.
Eye sight ain't that sharp as it used to be.


Innocent^^Guy said...

U have good imagination dude...though I didnt even thought of seeing it as a camel..but with the help of ur diagram, i see it perfectly..

I get ur picture of the camel...but man, i'm pretty sure ur camel was run over by a truck or something cos it has that humongous nose, and the mouth of that face stone thing in "A night in the Museum"

Russ said...

I saw a Koala first off... I can sorta see a camel's mouth, but definately not the eyes!! What have u been smoking mate?? :P~

生番薯 said...

i see koala first...then i can understand how it turn to be camel...haha

Myst3 said...

I saw a camel right at the beginning, and I always thought it was a camel lying on the floor snoozing. Until alvin told me it was a koala. -.-! hehe…some guys see the camel too, so can’t blame me. It was a camel even before I smoke weed…wagagaga!