Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wedding of the Year

I would like to share with you one of the worst experiences of my life.
As you know, I don't like weedings, and usually with good reason. There now follows the reason why I don't like weddings.
So here you will see the motley collection of Groom, Best Man and other assorted males. The one sporting the red shirt and trainers is the Groom.
I think some confusion must have ensued as to what the dress code actually was. Some red ties, some black and one with no tie whatsoever.
I also thought the choice of location for the photographs was also quite astonishing. Opposite the church was a row of garages, and it appeared to be the most suitable backdrop, presumably to prevent any upstaging of the men here pictured And so, as if couldn't get any worse, the bride arrived...
Not everyone can pull off such a vibrant red, but here i think they manage it quite well.
Now in my experience there is usually a bride, a couple of thin bridesmaids and one great wopping on on the end. But in this case the FAT bridesmaid has become the bride.
Alarm bells, should, incidentally, be ringing around now.
If they aren't they will be soon.
Deciding that the backdrop may actually improve the picture, the happy couple strolled into an adjoining field for this wonderful picture.

It was noted during the exposure of this wonderfully composed image that the groom's head was roughly the same size as her left breast, and probably contained a similar sort of substance.

This is one of my favourites.
What is she showing us here? A severe case of knee gout?
whatever it is she is doing, the husband is in even more fine fettle than certainly i thought was possible.

Mentally disabled is probably the term best used here.
or FAT PIG and ugly little WEASEL. I'm sure they have the same effect.

Here, let you help you up

Our good looking groom is apparently reaching for something and having trouble locating it.
Perhaps a forklift truck might help raise the blockage???

I think this proves to us all that there is someone out there for all of us.

let's just hope they don't breed.


tanalan2 said...

Hey u so mean !!!! Anyway nice write up..hehe

Musa said...

hey Myst3.. this must be your mean side.. being fat or Skinny doesn't mean you cant enjoy life.. its a blessing for this two people to find each other.. Everyone deserve to be happy! regardless how "unique" their appearance is.

Myst3 said...

Tanalan2 and musa:
This write up was intended to grab a few laughs and it is a joke! I’m have nothing against fat people becos I’m fat myself too. It is not about how fat and ugly they look, it’s about how their attitude scrutiny towards their once in the life time marriage! Let me ask you:
1. would you wear trainers to weddings when you’re a groom?
2. would you use a garage door as background weddings photo?
3. the wife shouldn’t grab the groom’s ass while kissing..appropriate?
u don’t see anything wrong with these?
main point of this write up was to emphasize “red-necks” attitude towards life. Something in life ought to be taken seriously, while some are not! When serious matters are taken as a joke, it will only constitute one thing at the end, and that is “Laughter”…Ha?
And seriously, I don’t judge people with their size of body or perhaps their breasts/dicks.

Anonymous said...

*thumbs up for ur answers yang*

seems like u're tryin to defend ur write ups. haha. But man. i know wat u're trying to say here. Some ppl don't think the way u do. So once they look thru ur site, they thought of the -ve side whc minus the credits to them about u d. But no worries. U need noone to comment about ur write ups coz wat. Coz u posted it for them to enjoy. Its either they take ur jokes or leave it.

Anonymous said...

stumbled upon this entry while doing a google search for "groom trouble"!
Can I just say that this is NOT a red neck type of wedding...this is just....wrong. Meaning, the sneakers (trainers), the red wrap thing the bride is wearing AND the garage doors. I agree completely--but it's not red neck, it's worse!

GlobalMouse said...

I stumbled upon this while google-imaging "pig weasel" (don't ask).

Funny looking wedding...although the ugly=disabled implication may be a bit strong.

Some disabled people are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, hilarious, thank you for making me smile and laugh. Taken, in the context that it was meant, I don't believe it was intended to be offencive to fat or ugly people, JUST FUNNY!!!

Anonymous said...

This has been copied. This is an old joke that everyone received back in 2001! You shouldn't copy other people's jokes - it's literally word for word!

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