Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dodo's Story (Continue 5)

Author: Dodo (Doreen)

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Two weeks later, Dodo sighed as she sat in by the window. Smiling happily, finally Dodo felt a lil relief that she’s finally getting back into her old routine.

“Dodo?” Yy gaped as she came thru her room door.

Before she could answer, Dodo peeked around the corner to see *Tut* coming in, removing his sunglasses.

Dodo: OMG!!
(Dodging behind the window to keep him from seeing me.)

Yy: What?” Yy asked.
Dodo: The guy who juz heading towards here… U have to go out there n tell him that I died or something ok? Hell, tell him I no longer stay here.
Yy: Ok-ok…

*Tut* stared blankly at Yy in front of him. “What do u mean she went to Aus?”
Yy juz shrugged. “She said she needed a major vaca n off for it.”
Locking his jaw, *Tut* nodded. Fine, he knew a brush-off when he heard one.
“Well, tell Miss Dodo …..”


He looked around to see Chris coming.

Chris: What r u doing here?
*Tut*: I came to see Dodo, but this chick said she took off to Aus for a vaca.
Chris: Haha. Tat sounds like Dodo, doesn’t it?
*Tut*: And she’s avoiding me.
Chris: Do u blame her?
*Tut*: Hell, yes I blame her.
Chris: My~ that’s some ego u’ve there. U play around on her n then …
*Tut*: Play around on her?!!! Your receptionist told her u were off with ur other lover for a meeting.
*Tut*: My wat??!!!
Chris: Juz like a man to deny it. Isn’t it, Yy?
*Tut*: Look I don’t know wat u heard, but I don’t have another lover k.
Chris: Well duh. If that’s true, then u have a lot of explaining to do to Dodo.
*Tut*: Well, I’d be happy to if I could ever find her lah.
Chris: Have u tried her cell phone?
*Tut*: Yealah. I tried it thousands times d but no one answered.
Chris: Then keep trying lah.
*Tut*: U know, I’m too old to be playing these high school games. Tell Dodo when she grows up to call me. I might still be around then, but most likely not.

And with that, he headed to his car. To hell with her, he thought. He really didn’t need this shit.

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