Monday, August 13, 2007

Dodo's Production - "Myst3's Secret"

Author : Dodo
Featuring: Dodo, Alvin and Myst3

"Myst, Yang, whr r u?"

"In the bedroom,"

Dodo headed to da kitchen whc was done in shiny blue n white tile. This is Dodo's domain, she loved to cook. Dodo poured herself a glass of milk n then went bck to da hall.

"well cmon out here n tell me about ur day."

myst strolled out. 5 9", he had wide shoulders that tapered down to a broad chest. His waist n hips were narrow. Wit skin the color of white choco, he turned heads when he entered a room. He dressed in a Ralph Lauren cotton knit shirt the color of black sand tucked into barley white pants. Muscular arms looked more like they were accustomed to lifting weights. Dodo smiled up at him from the sofa. She fiddled with the button on her silk lingerie.

"Dodo yang, we need to talk,"
Myst wore a sober expression.

"Sure, sweet thing. i like it when u talk to me," Dodo leaned forward to be sure he had a view of her plunging demi-bra. She gav him a saucy smile.

Myst turned away n clasped his hands together.

"Dont do tat. Im serious, ok?
It's about us... me."

Something in his tone sent a shiver of anxiety down her spine. Dodo suddenly felt exposed, vulnerable. Dodo hurriedly pulled her blouse closed.

"Sounds like we both need a glass of water."

She tried to tease him out of his grin mood.

"Damn right. I'll get it."

She watched him thru the pass-thru window tat allowed a view of the kitchen from the hall. The oak shutters were pulled bck. Myst poured himself a glass of wine, drank from it then filled the glass again. He sighed n walked back to hall. Dodo set her glass down. Her patience was wearing thin. For months
now she'd played understanding woman to his blue moods. After all, they'd been lovers, frens since long ago. But she'd reached her limit.

"Myst, wats up with u? If ive done sth to make u mad?"

"Nonono. Its nt anythin u've done,"

myst answered hastily bt then stopped. he raked his fingers thru his hair.

"Then wat??!! Look, we've known each other too long. u can talk to me."

"I dont know where to begin. This is different." myst twisted his hands n paced in front of her.

Dodo felt tears forming in her eyes, pushing to get out.Suddenly all the distance she'd felt btwn them made perfect sense.

"Uve found someone else."

"Its more complicated than tat. i've found me, a different me than ive ever allowed myself to be." Myst stopped pacing n looked at her steadily.

She felt a shiver of relief. Dodo got up.

"An identity crisis? Yang, everyone approaching 25 goes thru tat kinda thing." He stopped back when she
reached for him.

"Right! im coming to terms with being the person i really am, n i always hav been." Myst nodded with vigor.

Dodo's eyes narrowed. "So, does this finding the real Myst3 also include findin another woman?"


Myst pursed his lips for a second then sighed.

"Its a man.."

"Excuse me?" dodo's heart stopped. "Did u juz say MAN?"

"Ive been struggling with this sexual identity Q for yrs, yang. n i hope u love me enough to understand. im gay, or at least i think i am." The words spilled out in a rush.


Dodo repeated the word in a dazed voice. The floor seemed to tilt beneath her feet as the walls closed in on her. Her heart began to thump so hard it hurt. She started to hyperventilate.

Myst leaned toward her with a look of concern on his cute face. "Wow yang. Jus take slow n steady breaths!" When he reached out a long arm to brace her, Dodo jerked away.

"dont touch me u - U!!" she hissed.

dodo fell back onto the sofa like dead weight... she couldnt have lifted her legs if she'd tried. She panted 3
times then caught her breath. "Oh God!" she gasped finally.

"I never wanted to hurt u yang." Myst sat on the sofa but at a safe distance. dodo put a hand to her forehead. "OH GoD," she kept mumbling.

" I care about u, yang. n thats the truth. its juz that. im tired of denying wat i really feel. Ive met someone -"
"Oh god!" now dodo sprang from the sofa. "Did u...while were ..." She sputtered.

"Of coz not..! I;d nve do anything to put u at risk or betray u."

"How damn noble u r, Myst.! No imagine u juz started flirting wit ur future BF. i feel so much damn better knowing how much u care!" Dodo shouted as she swung her arms around.

"ALvin ???!!! is it him??""

" Yang, calm down. Pls," myst said, his voice shaky.

"Don call me YANG again or i'll throw up all over this freaking white furniture tat u insisted we buy."

"Yang - dodo, dont. this is hard enough for me."

"Its always about u, isnt it, myst.? This sofa, these stupid prints tat i don even like." She tried to think of all the ways in whc she'd bent her life to wat myst wanted. Dodo looked down at her clothes.

"I;d dress in red bcoz u like it. U prefer wantan mee, so i eat it. U like sex, so i talk about sex with ya. Everything i do is centered on u." Dodo walked in circles as she talked.

"yang pls.Don do this to urself."

Dodo came to a halt n faced him,defiantly both hands on her hips. "wat about when we made luv? u were pretending to hav an erection huh?"

"Lower ur voice, Dodo. These walls arent very thick. Ure a desirable, sensuous woman. its juz .... "

"Myst. im mad as hell right now. i wouldnt get too close if i were u. "

Dodo's voice shook as tears slid down her face.

" i didnt choose to feel what i feel.. ive been fighting it for yrs. Dodo, u mean the world to me. If i could change n believe me i tried, i'd do it for u."

Myst closed his eyes n wiped the tears from his face with both hands.

She turned her back to him. "Now wat?" she whispered, her voice hoarse from shouting n anguish.

"I'll move over to Alvin's," he said quietly n went down the hall. mins later he came bck with 2 large suitcases.

"Moving in with him?!! i suppose so. Ha!" Dodo kept her bck to myst.

"Yang, its about him. its about really being who i am for once in my life. i gotta do it for him. Goodbye, dodo yang." Myst waited.

"Pls, i knw its a shock but cant we..."

"Leave. Just go!" Dodo hugged herself tight. She felt as though she were flying apart.

The soft thud of door closing went thru her like a bullet. She collapsed to the floor n sobbed uncontrollably.


Myst3 said...

sigh~! I am a gay in the story (nothing against gays)!

Alvin said...

sigh~! I am a gay in the story also.. (nothing against gays)!

missmynx said...


i knw it from the very beginning that you are gay!!!!

btw, gays are good. they are happy people.

aclj87 said...

ROFL. Funny, yet touching...


Anonymous said...

sei gay lou..haha..


Myst3 said...

The story started off as sexy love scene, but there’s a twist at the end. Sexy, Funny, dramatic unexpected twist and best of all, it came from my yang (surprise she can write this well)! Brilliant piece of work.
Disclaimer: Myst3 ain’t gay! Oh does Alvin.

-waiwai- said...

I think this blog can change name to "dodo and Myst... love nest"...
Dodo... ur story really nice... like soap opera...
Myst... u r lucky u have such a good script writer...