Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dodo's Production - "Starting of Lesbian?"

Author : Dodo

Featuring: Dodo, Kepo and Myst3

The weekend was hell. Dodo wandered around the apartment trying not to feel miserable. Every nook and cranny reeked of Myst. In an act of extreme desperation, she'd called Jane aka Kepo on her cell phone Saturday at midnight and spilled her guts. Ever eager to help, Jane had ended her date with *Munak*, boobs analyst early and rushed over. Well, if u could call three in the morning early. Her loopy style of comfort, lotsa fruit juice and deep breathing exercises, had left Dodo oddly, if temporarily, calm. Or zonked out on too much fructose n oxygen. Either way it was an improvement.
She hadnt wretched in over 5 hours at da thought of Myst's big announcement.

Dodo padded down the hall from the bedroom where she'd slept after their all-nighter. Dodo lay curled in a fetal position on her sofa - correction - Myst's freaking pain-in-the-ass-to-keep-clean sofa. She couldnt even lie there and mourn without breathing in the scent of him.

"Did u sleep at all?" Jane said as she dropped down on the smaller sofa facing Dodo. "I must have drifted off at 8 this morning."

"A lil i think," Dodo said.

"Wat time is it?"

"Wow! it's almost almost 2." Jane hopped up.

"Oh God," Dodo muttered.

"Cmon! Lets eat. Want or not.. Durian???" Jane said in a hunger of Durian..
as thats her favourite of all ..

"No!" Dodo grabbed a large pillow and covered her head.

'You've got to keep ur strength up. Wat about a nice Durian ice blended..
yummy~~? " Jane's tone was coaxing, like a mother talking to a toddler. =)

"I cant," Dodo howled.

"Okay, then i'll fix ur favourite lor.. Bak pau?" Jane stood up and started for the kitchen.

"Oh God, my life could not suck worse than it does right now!"

"There, there now.. Bak pau for u lah.. " Jane joined her on the sofa.

She was patting Dodo's shoulder when da doorbell rang. "I'll get it," Jane answered cheerily.

Dodo sat bolt upright and pulled her friend back by da arm. "No, dont. It's him!

"He's come for the rest of his stuff," she whispered.


"Shhh... i cant bear to see him. Not this soon. Just be quiet and he'll go away."

Dodo trembled. The thought of looking into his hazel eyes filled her with dread. The doorbell rang a second, then third time in quick succession.

"Dodo, I ...."
"If u value our friendship, don't move!"

Dodo gripped her arm tighter.

Jane pulled against her hold and shook her head with a tolerant smile.

"Don't be silly."

"If u value ur life, dont move!" Jane squinted at her.

The doorbell rang for a fourth time, this time followed by a man's voice.

"Open up. Police investigation! Get the damn door opened!"
huh???? there.. all in a sudden.. neighbour's lodged a report saying that there's sth goin on in the neighbourhood when they heard the arguement between Dodo n Myst.


生番薯 said...

really got police rushing in??

-waiwai- said...

hmm~~~~ another dodo's art...
looking forward to see...

DreamzJas said...

spam spam

Myst3 said...

rawpotato: yeah police came...wahaha

yy: she's a writer ain't she huh

dreamzjas:gonna spam you real soon

adrian troll said...

ALL RIGHT!! now theres police!! yeah! bring on the violent! the brutal beating! the action!!

now thats boys stuff! but dodo pull it on! yeah!

so what are they gono do?! frisk her?! shoot her? frisk and shoot her?! or she escape by let go a grenade then jump through the window and land on top of a car, then BOOOM those pesky cops' bits are every where!


Dodo said...

Haha.. aint that bad huh, adrian? U do have the creativity in that huh. cmon n join me to complete up the story then. hehe.. i would be grateful.