Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dodo's Story (Continue 3)

Author: Dodo (Doreen)
Previous segment can be found here

By noon, Dodo had stared at the phone so much, she thought she might be going blind.

Yy: Oi, wat r u doing?
Dodo: I’m waiting on a call.
Yy: From?
Dodo: *Tut*.
Yy: *Tut*? Guitar *Tut* ar?
Dodo: Ana. Abeh whoelse.
Yy: Why?
Dodo: He told me he would call me later ler.
Yy: Call u later. When?
Dodo: I don’t know lar. That’s why I’m staring at the phone lar.
Yy: Could u please elaborate?
Dodo: We spent the whole night together.
Yy: Oh gosh Dodo, u didn’t sleep with him, did u?
Dodo: Wah kao...mai siao lar. Where got so sui bian. Of coz I didn’t.
Yy: Will u nvr learn? U don’t juz go yamcha with a guy whole night then expect him to call. Really Dodo, u hav to take time n develop a relationship first ma. Didn’t ur mum ever tell u a man won’t buy a cow when he gets milk for free?
Dodo: Watever.
Yy: Then call him lar.
Dodo: Wat?
Yy: Call him. Do u know his number?
Dodo: Yeah.
Yy: Then call him lar. Aiyo.
Dodo: Will u stand here while I do it?
Yy: Why?
Dodo: I need moral support lar.
Yy: Ok. If it’ll make u feel better, I’ll stand here till u two get mushy lah.

Dodo dialed *Tut*’s work number.
Dodo: Um, yeah. Can I speak to *Tut* please?
Receptionist: I’m sorry. He’s not in.
Dodo: Oh? When will he be back?
Receptionist: I don’t know. He juz took off this morning n didn’t say anything. Oh wait, yeap he did. He left me a msg to tell Jess that he’d be late for dinner tonite so keep it warm n be ready for him. R u Jess?
(The moment I heard tat name I was like WAT??!! I couldn’t answer the woman on the phone.)

Receptionist: Miss? R u Jess?
(Numbly, I hung up the phone.)

“Dodo?” Yy asked. “U ok bor?”

Dodo couldn’t speak. It was all she could do to juz sit there n not scream. Who the hell was Jess anyway??!!! His gf???!! This was real n *Tut* had been two-timing them both. (I ain’t know if this is the right term of saying it. Instead of wat ….one leg steps two boats huh?? Duh. Whatever it is…juz skip that part yah.)

Tears gathered in her eyes n Dodo struggled to hold them back. *Tut* had toyed her feelings, lied to her and left without a word. Damn him!! Damn his sorry, rotten egg!!
(Jeez man! Yy was right. I’m a cow. A big, dumb, stupiak cow!)

She had to get outta here. Outta room right now! She needed time to think. Time to …. Oh, she didn’t know wat she needed other than a break. She snatched up her bag and headed out.

“Dodo!” Yy called out.

Still she didn’t stop. She didn’t wanna talk right now. She juz wanna be left alone to sort thru her conflicting emotions. Dodo headed to her “Green Beetle” n decided the mall was juz wat she needed.

For an hour and a half, she went to stores, charging like a bull. Yeah, she’d hav a time paying for it, but right now she juz wanted to pamper herself. Dammit, she saved hard for her money n it’s hers to spend.

By the time she got bck to the home 3 hours later, she felt a lil better. But *tut* was still a babi! A big, hairy, nasty, three-toed, tree babi!

Yy: Hey Do. U okay?
Dodo: Fine.
Yy: Did u do something to ur hair at lunch ar?
Dodo: I got it cut. Bob haircut. Wat’d u think?
Yy: It’s cute.
Dodo: But it makes my face stand out right? I thought so too. So I made an appointment with Dr. Lim.
(I asked as I began clicking for my email.)

Yy: That crazy fella who advertises his plastic surgery clinic on tv??
Dodo: Same lar. They’re havin a special two-one thing. I figured I could get my eyes fixed n hav him suck some fat outta my ass.
Yy: Dodo! Don’t be stu lar.

Dodo was tired of being Dodo. She wanted to be someone else for a while. Maybe if she changed her hair, her style, n got new face, she’d feel better. Anything would be an improvement at this point. N at any rate, she couldn’t feel any worse about herself than she felt at this moment. An eye job could only be a step up.

As her housemate’s annoyance broke out on her behalf, Dodo felt overwhelmed by her loyalty n luv, n before she knew it, she’s crying!!! Yy hugged her as she sobbed out the pain inside her. Yy handed her a tissue.

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