Monday, March 10, 2008

Malaysia - The Country

While in Malaysia, I have noticed some pretty interesting happening.
Let me show you what they are

Something that you will never get in Australia Fast Food Giant

KFC Noodle Bowl - KLIA
McDonald’s Porridge – Mid Valley

McDonald’s Spicy Fried Chicken and Curly Fries – LCCT Terminal

Driving in Sibu requires some skillful driving techniques to get from Point A to B.
Let me show you what I meant.

Around the town central area, my average speed is usually 35km/hr, as there are just too much vehicle around.

At some particular day, when I’m lucky, it’s “HOME STRETCH BABY!!”, I even drove in the middle of the road, and about 100km/hr (pretty dangerous to go over that, because of the crappy road, and you’ll never know if there’s a bike coming out of no where). Oh yeah, although there are plenty of 60km/hr sign on the road, NOBODY obeys them.

Driving in the middle of the road makes me feel like I'm on top of the world!!!!

There are just so many cars in Sibu during office hour, and nobody (I said NOBODY) obeys the street rules. People will cut you off if you’re a little bit slow. I was surprise for the shear amount of cars in a small town like Sibu.

Being cut off by this car!!! GRRR... oh yeah we were both driving 10km/hr!!
When nobody obeys the street rules, obviously, people park their car everywhere! The two cars in the picture shown were both parked at the road side. I had to perform a tight curly S drive to get past them.

Banks in Sibu is a pain in the ass, there are just so much people queuing to be serviced every single day. I had to run a couple of business errands with the bank while in sibu, let me tell you, I wasn’t too happy. At one occasion I was in bank for 2-3 hours just to close my account and withdraw all the money. So many cars at the bank, it left me no choice but to park illegally at the roadside!!!!!

my friend, is Bank in Australia! All thanks to internet banking, electronic fund transfer and phone servicing.

Yet after all these,


clement said...

ha ha, dun go anywhere else... stay in sibu.... sibu a good place to make money ma.. see, there's so much rich ppl there

Anonymous said...

i'd say, vote DAP for better SIBU lol!!!

blindtape said...

That's why I hate driving here!

kle-kle said...

Now that you know! Welcome back to Sibu! I hope DAP can rule in Sibu but that's not going to happen perhaps, another 120 years? Reason? Money!

Myst3 said...

I’m not into politics leh..still unfamiliar with DAP or BN. But of couse I know 1 thing..the higher you sit, the more corrupted money you will get. Money!! who doesn’t want more of it??
It’s hard not to drive in sibu. It’s a must to DRIVE especially from one place to another. Still I got the fun out from driving in sibu…if anyone can drive in sibu, he/she can drive anywhere in the world.. sibu wan sui!