Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Departure Dinner

Just before I came back to Australia for work, I’ve organized a departure dinner with some of the friends in Golden Happiness Restaurant (Sibu). These were what we had that night

I like shark fin soup, so full of MSG!! delicious thou!
Fish was delicious too

Sea cucumber - yummayyy

Cheesy Prawns

We had a total of ten dishes, some of the food were not photographed due to HUNGER!!!
Lastly, the bill came out to be
RM 1,242.99


Anonymous said...

my gosh, what are you eating up to 1k???????????????

Anonymous said...

relly expensive neh!

it cost us oni RM700+ for a 8course wif abalone n lobster in the cold dish on top of wat u get in ur pic....

clement said...

10 course? they give that? 3 table liao oh, manai....quite cheap too.i love the shrimp cheese thing