Monday, March 23, 2009

The Transformation - THE TOY

Remember this car from this POST ????

After much work and monies put into it, it has transformed!!!




Beautiful Classic huh!!!!?

Work done include:-

Engine rebuilt

Electronic rewiring

New coat of paint

New tyres

New aircondt (designed for truck/van)

Because it is an old classic, driving the car is extremely difficult. It has double clutches system and gear shifting are done on the side of the steering wheel.

On the third day of Chinese New Year, I took the car for a drive, and what happened?

Yeah!! You've guessed it!

It broke down 20 minutes after departure.


So Noc, you are pretty lucky you weren't in this car!!

Still wanna have a ride??

Damn the car is heavy, heavier than moderns.

How do i know? Because I'm one of 3 persons who push start the car!!!

Pure Steel I say!

Try to sway away from putting a Japanese engine in it, although more reliable but it has taken its original soul away from the car. Hmm....decision.

Took this picture while driving behind it.
Looks quite funny!!


Anonymous said...

wak ha ha ha ha..... now when I see the car in town, I know who's car it that!!! what's the car plate nUmber ar? I go buy 4D. Luckily I was not around on 3rd day of CNY. Otherwise I tumpang you go pei nien! wak ha ha ha ha ha ha........ so funny!

Myst3 said...

What u talking about...u didn't even wanna meet made me sad. :(

Regina Teh said...

Retro sia!
Loves the wheel!

Myst3 said...

Hi Regina...wanna have a ride?

Anonymous said...

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