Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Its a lie to think You dont have anything

This video has been circulating facebook for a while now.

I watched it several times


i watched it again tonight.

i’ve decided to put it here for anyone to view.

if a guy with no arms and legs be that happy,

who are we to complaint about life?

those who has complaint – shame on you.

and i admit im one of them shameful ones.

appreciate everything that is in front of us.

when shit happens. it happens for a reason.

it is the shit experience that makes u as a person stronger.

we should always learn how to cope with a difficult situation.

i used to complaint about life quite often a few years back

and yes i still complaint about things.

but one thing for sure, i have learn how to appreciate little things in life and complaint lesser during these few years

hope u all enjoy the video.

i’ve put the video here for a reminder for myself too.

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