Monday, May 28, 2007

I Just Got My Cherry Popped

Monkey Wong just popped my cherry. Not that kind of cherry, this tagged cherry. This is my 1st time someone actually tagged me. I heard about tagging someone, but didn’t really know much about it. When I was tagged, I didn’t know what to do and some what panicked a bit. After studying Monkey’s and Beng beng’s tagged, I think I have a rough idea what tag is all about, so here goes nothing! Please do tell me if I'm doing this the wrong way. My 1st attempt!

Ten ways how ………… pisses me off.Time to wash dirty linen in public …..
(shouldn't this be ten THINGS rather than WAYS?)

1. Waking up in the morning.
Ever since I’ve started work, I have hated waking up in the morning, almost every week day. I’m just not a morning person. I have to get up 7.30-8am every single weekday for work. Even if I go to bed at 10-11pm the day before, I still don’t like waking up early. I guess I’m a lazy person after all.

2. Australia
Staying in Australia has its advantage and its disadvantage. Its advantage is just out of the context, so let’s talk about its disadvantage. The worst thing about living in Australia is I can’t find cheap + delicious food in Australia. I miss mamak hawker stall and coffee shop’s food. How wonderful it is to have RM5 ba-ku-teh during cold cold winter.

3. Money
When I have 1 dollar, I wish I had 10 dollars, and when I have 10 dollars, I wished I had 100 dollars, and the cycles continue. I do admit I am a bit of money worshiper, but who doesn’t? Sometime I just wished that money doesn’t exist and we all were equal. Money, in reality is the root of all evil, but we all need it (that’s a harsh reality).

4. My colleagues
Having to work with ang mor quite a while now, what pisses me off is when we all have lunch. It’s alright to have wonderful food with them, but when they have lunch, they will sure drink alcohol. And seriously, ang mor really drinks alcohol like drinking water. I don’t mind a bit of alcohol every now and then, but I certainly do not wish to drink alcohol and come back work. It is really hard to pull a straight face after 6 drinks in 2 hours (I don’t even drink water that fast). At one time, I even have to talk to chief executive of the company after heavy doses of alcohol. It was terrible, I can’t really recall how I went, but I think I went alright. The worst thing about it is to actually pretend to be alright on the outside, while deep inside my body, I’m running thousand miles NAKED. However, Ang mor can come back still be alright, and be normal like nothing ever happen after these much alcohol. (I bow to you whities!!!)

5. Item get discounted after buying them
I hate it when I bought something then after a few weeks the same item was advertised 50% off on the original price. That would piss me off a lot.

6. Winter
I am not a winter person. Waking up in the morning, sitting on the toilet seat and changing clothes during winter always give me a shock of cold sensation (which I very much dislike). Also, I will get cold at least once during the winter season. Fair to say, I don’t like winter at all.

7. Working
Work not only drains my daily energy, it also took away large part of my social life. The very moment I get to the office, I have already starting to count down the hours to 5pm. I was counting down the hours while thinking of all the activities I could do after 5pm. When 5 o’clock came, I will feel completely tired and lack of energy to do anything, so I went home straightaway rather than socializing with friends. I miss having fun with friends.

8. Busses
Because I work in the city, public transportation is the most convenient way to work. It not only saves me the hassle of finding a carpark, but also saves me from expensive parking fees as well. Busses are convenient in some way but not all the time.
This is the scenario where sometime busses piss me off so much.
I was on my way to the bus stop, and saw the bus coming. So I ran with all my strength (imagine I was in half asleep mode and have to run for the bus) hoping to catch the bus. When I reached the bus stop, the bus had left the bus stop. Don’t you just hate it when this happen? Yeah busses sometime piss me off.

9. Washing dishes.
I don’t have to explain much. It’s obvious enough by itself.

10. My 17 inch LCD (I don’t know what to write anymore)
My friend just bought a 32’’ LCD as his computer screen. I came home and looked at my 17’s. It is just so small compare to his. Think it’s time to upgrade my monitor.

Alright!!! After 3 days of work, it’s time to pass this around. I’m going to tag the following people! Unsure they are as dedicated as me!!!
Congratulation bloggers, Enjoy...and pass it ON!!!

Do you guys see a pattern here???
1. Cecilia
2. Calvin
3. Christien New
4. Jasmine
5. Allison
6. Pei Kei
7. Saewei
8. Tiger Den
9. Rojakmaumau
10. Charmayne
11. Altis
12. Julie
13. White Tulips


MonkeyWong said...

Dear, U done a good job!
Damn true about item 4, they really like 2 drink, that's when I learn 2 drink wine......

Myst3 said...

Wuhahaha...what an achievement...Thanks!!! Feels like a million dollar~~!

Cecilia Yong said...

If you are willing to invest on a dish washer! u don't have to wash the dishes!! BTW which part of Australia r u from?